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Passion Pit

American Blood

Oh American Blood
In my eyes and on my hands
Such an awful circumstance
Condone, carry your woes
Just strike a match and then a pose
For whom nobody knows

And we're going to be alright
And you'll keep me safe this night
And we're going to be alright
Everything will be quite alright for.
You had me
For you had me
For you had me

Oh American Blood
How my love always was young
How it always felt so fun
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And oh you went to my head
All my limbs instantly dead
Upside down dangling by a thread

Whats it feel like?
Whats it feel like to be alone?
Whats it hurt like?
Does it hurt you because you know
That all of your blood
Could wash away the world in one massive wave
Could reach the highest peak and the deepest cave.

All the times she shared some love
The world starts gleaming from some love [?]
And in that tangled web is you and me