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I Don't Give A Fuck

Hey yeah yeah ooh

Pre Chorus:
Go head it go out with your friends
Keep spinnin my hits
All i wanna do is win yeah
It's so ridin it's so damn
She was .. seeking you anywhere

I Don't Give a Fuck, I Don't Give a Fuck
Keep spinnin in the bed
I Don't Give a Fuck, ..love brings more than me
One day i'ma let you see down
I Don't Give a Fuck oh no no no no yeah

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3 in the morning you ain't home yet
Girl what you're doing
like I've been callin on your friends
..in my bands who the hell you at, you at?
and when you left here you said you was gone
But you aint' stayin or coming back at home
That's for .. that's for good yeah
3:45 i'ma find you boy you got me looking everywhere
I feel like you've been changing in a way
but a nigga like me don't share
girl it's ..your hair you ain't raised to long get scared
when you see my ..yeah
do your thing baby i don't give a f*vk

[Pre Chorus:]

..still made it in
Who you think you're fooling, fooling, fooling
Insecurity i ain't .. in who you're screwing screwing
I've been here sipping on this new boss
Now you're coming here with the phone loco
But the all ..
You don't know the time why you're lying
I know you had them next in the ..
Tracks coming out we about cricking
Somebody be pulling your ..
Girl you think you smart
thank God you help your ..
do you think baby i don't give a f*ck

[Pre Chorus:]
[2 x Chorus:]

One day i will let you see that i don't give a f*ck