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(Verse 1)
A thousand rounds, about a million shots
I'm going pound for pound, so I can feel the drop like
But I can't leave and feel my hands
But this liquor in my system make me need to go and dance
I want to go and hit a thousand chicks, like I got a thousand di*k's
But I really need just one, Imma take her to my house and s**t
Lounging s**t, yeah, we gon drink until we fall
But I'm gon sip a little bit more cause I just can't feel it at all

Is this love?
I know it ain't but we can say it is right now
How crazy is this? From the club
Now you bout to have the best sex ever
You wouldn't know I did it like that shawty
So never say never
Look out below
We was just up in the club, now we bout to have the best sex ever
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You done heard it all before, I guarantee that I do it better
Look out below!
We was just up in the club, and we just had the best sex ever
Hold up, wait
Ok, you gotta go peace

(Verse 2)
Back in the club, pressed in my ni**a's covers
Mouth still smelling like pu**y, hands still smelling like rubbers
What's up shawty, come and sip on this moscato
Me and my ni**a's got VIP sections, you think that we just hit the lotto
Girl you need to understand, that the more that I keep drinking
I'm gon need to put my hands on that
Right now we don't give a damn
But that pu**y getting gushy like you peed up in your pants

(Repeat Chorus)


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