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Reality Show

作词:David Balfour, James Cohen, Raheem Devaughan, Taalib Johnson, Faheem Najm

One dude, one lady, one sane, one crazy
Sound like a show to me
Big house, no babies, big old dog but he lazy
Let's take it to BET, yeah

She will, he won't, she R 'n' B, he funk
They pretty similar, they pretty much the same
But still they're different and
They will split the rent 'cause they in love
It's so clear to her, he got up and told her

Let's make a reality show
Shawty and show 'em how much we in love
Let's make a reality show
'Cause I want the world to know about us

Let's make a reality show
Baby, we ain't got nothin' to lose
Let's make a reality show
Trials and tribulations, thick and thin
Baby let's go, make a reality show

Hey listen, you already know what it is
When it comes to that soul music, I gets it done
I'm 'bout it just like I'm suppose to be
I can do it all night long baby
So don't you go get it twisted, no just listen

There's more to music than Neo soul to me, yeah
How 'bout you, go find some shorties and line 'em up
It don't matter what they look like, sign them up
She could be a fine piece or fine as fuck
It don't really matter to me

Give me a ghetto hip hop girl
Skinny funk, rock girl, fat girl
Can't forget to make her booty clap girl
Senoritas please, white or Japanese
And let's see who's goin' home with me

Let's make a reality show
Shawty, what you think about it?
Let's make a reality show
You know people gonna talk, no doubt

Lets make a reality show
I can hear 'em now all across the world
Let's make a reality show
So through trial and tribulations, thick and thin
They gon' know that you're my girl
Make a reality show

It's so many ladies that I can't lose
Like her right there in those stilleto shoes
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And shorty showin' off her legs for me
And I feel like Mr Baskin Robins, they all look like
Good as thirty one flavors, and I feel like, oh shit
Like Huge Hefner on TV, oh

Now who I'm gonna pick from all of the above
One's from the church, one loves the club
Musiq and Pain, please help me judge
'Cause I'm 'bout to go out of my mind

All of these woman so fine
I wish to be wanna be mine
They fightin' for the camera time
On the final episode, yeah

Let's make a reality show
Show them, to show how much we in love, yeah
Let's make a reality show
'Cause I want the world to know about us

Let's make a reality show
Baby, we ain't got nothin' to lose
Let's make a reality show
Trial and tribulations, thick and thin
Baby let's go, make a reality show

A go getter, that's what they call me
Don't be mad at him that's why they call it, hello
They want a little taste of me
That's why they got me goin' around

You gotta admit I ain't slippin'
Anythin' you want, stop trippin'
Last night was you and me, oh
So each and every night we gon' switch it up
And you ain't gotta worry, I'ma wrap it up

A man gon' be a man
But I ain't gon' fall in love with them
Just have a little fun with them
And if I do then you can chose
And that's the one who lose

Let's make a reality show
Shawty, to keep everybody watchin'
Let's make a reality show
I wanna hear what they say about us

Let's make a reality show
We know they gon' give a part two
Let's make a reality show
'Cause we ain't scared to do
What other people do in the open
Make a reality show


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