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Throw me in a cage with a lion and a bear*
I'm a kill em
That motivation ain't lyin' I swear,
I'm a nigga
I got my ear to the streets, back to the bullshit
I'm tryin' to eat, I'm on my full shit
Homie I can't listen to what you sayin stop talkin'
Betta watch what you say around my clan start walkin'
Wait a minute when a nigga gotta go off I got a prove it
I think I'm big Meech Larry Hoover

I'm tryin' to eat
You tryin' to sleep
If you a dog
Then I'm Beast
And the beat go.

I know they hate it
Here go my motivation

I'm with my dogs fuck us
Naw nigga fuck ya'll and the beat goes
I know they hate it
Let's get you motivated

[Blu L:]
They steady trying to hate on a boss
But it's to late they done lost I'm at the top charts
I been above most of these rapper, but I'm still young in the game
I'm only 16 and now I got a track with T-pain
This is stuff insane, Motivation is the key of the song
This track amazing, straight fire, it's smoking but no bong
Come on what ya doin? who are you? you ain't nothing to me
If you in need for motivation boy just check my history
Blu L be the name of that boy from Cleveland
I'm a motivation miracle no twin to Jesus
But you better take notes from the youngin' you seeing
Cause I'm a soon make it big and just ball for no reason
Cause boy I'm on it, I still see no opponent
See many immitators but none will ever clone it
I took a break but now my bank account is just 20s and 10s
But I'm back 16 years old and I'm constantly winning


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