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Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg

Snoops Upside Ya Head(Soopafly Remix)

[snoop talking]
Aiyyo soopafly, why don't you get work with one of them fly-ass remixes?
Dpg style...hahahaha...

[nate dogg]
Who's the man with the mic in haaand?
Who's the man with the masterlplaaan?
He goes by the name of snoop d-o-g
He play the mic and these bustas fleee

[verse 1, snoop]
It's a whole-nother day, i'm back up in ya
Snoop d-o double g, i representah
Been away for a while but y'all know
I'm still doggystylin on death row (you know!)
Got things locked down, sold up
So if you plan on comin out, fool hold up
This a stick up, get up
They got yo shiz on the shelf, oh mine's too
And guess who they gon pick up
Some fools think they know they hit, but they don't
Some m-a's escape, some won't
Bumpin' heads with bustas
Where you from? eastside, longbeach, represent 2-1
The homie just got paroled
And he got more stories than the highway patrol
Tellin me about the money suge knight stole
But don't let that leak cuz, fool i get swole
I see you're tryin to get in, to get out
Put me up on game tellin me who gon' jack me
But ever since i was a puppy til i was paroled
I never had no other dogg pullin on my phone

Say snoops upside ya head
Say snoops upside ya head (say what?)
Say snoops upside ya head
Say snoops upside ya head
Hold on, what's my name?
Snoop dogg! snoop dogg! (snoop...) x4

[verse 2, snoop]
I see these rappers in this game be doin way too much
Actin tough with this east-west coast stuff
See me, i'm all about my money man
I stay fly and dry
I don't get caught up in the rain
Cuz game (game) recognize game (game)
No matter where you from, we all can get dumb, insane
And turn the party out without a doubt
Unless you them fools who ain't got no clout
Lbc and beware of my crew
Cuz uh, we out there stuck on the crazy glue
Upside ya head like oops, snoop's the lick
That you hear them bumpin in the hoops
You can't afford it homeboy, this is finished
I represented from v-a to venice
So when it's timid and cold outside
Rely on the d-o dub to put the heat in yo life


Now bounce to this (snoop dogg!)
C-walk to this (snoop dogg!) yeah...
Now bounce to this (snoop dogg!) yeah...
C-walk to this (snoop dogg!) yeah...
Yeah...know what...

[verse 3, snoop]
It takes a whole lot, to be number one
I can't walk down the street without my gun
I can't trust these fools, fly, it ain't no fun
I'm sittin' up in court cuz somebody got done
What really counts is how the crowd bounce
Go home and say snoop rocked the partay
Nobody got killed, it's what got annouced
I guess they got a chance to see dr. bombay
But i keep my heat in case brothas get cold
Warm you up with the sheet, zip you up and roll
Now, doggystyle records is now official
I'm gettin paper out the plizate with my initials
Shippin weapons overseas, i'm makin g's
With who you might call enemies
But i, see nothin funny about makin money
Cuz uh, we all know it don't grow on trees
So i...
Gotta get what i gotta get when i ?shake?
I'm up early in the morning with the homie nate
Burning rubber down to get a new car
So don't get jealous when you see me in the double r


[outro, snoop]
Now just ride to this, uh, bounce to this, uh, c-walk to this
Uh, whoo-ride to this, uh, eastside to this, uh, westside to this
Uh, whoo-ride to this uh, get'cha bang up
Yeah, snoop dub, baby, yeah, snoop dub, baby
Yeah, uh, yeah, snoop's up, baby, yeah, all up in it
??? ??? ??? ???
Dpg playa
Soopafly, you can call him ???
Not the trackmaster, but the sackmaster
You know!
Snoops upside ya head, say snoops upside ya head
Snoops upside ya head, say snoops upside ya head (snoop dogg! snoop dogg!)
Snoops upside ya head, say snoops upside ya head (snoop dogg! snoop dogg!)
Snoops upside ya head, say snoops upside ya head (snoop dogg! snoop dogg!)
Snoops upside ya head, say snoops upside ya head (snoop dogg! snoop dogg!)
(snoop dogg!)
(snoop dogg!)
Can ya have it?
(snoop dogg!)
And you all thought we fell off
(snoop dogg!)
??? ???? ??? ????
(snoop dogg!)
Takin it back to the hot spot
(snoop dogg!)
Gangsta rap, all day, every day!
(snoop dogg!)
G's up, you know the rest
(snoop dogg!)


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