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Snoop Dogg


I got a penthouse in Manhattan
Two more in Malibu
I bought an 87 Cadillac Seville
I got a Maserati too
I wear diamonds on my fingers
A couple on my toes,
I wear the finest cologne money can buy
It keeps me smellin' like a rose
If u wonderin' how I do it
There's just one simple rule...I'm just cool(cool)
Honey baby cant you see...I'm just cool(cool)
Aint nobody bad like me
what's that spell?(C-O-O-L)
what's the spell?(C-O-O-L)
I might dine in San Francisco
Dance all night in Rome
I go any freakin' place I want to
And my lear jet brings me home
I got ladies by the dozen
I got money by the ton
Just aint nobody better
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Heaven knows that I'm the one
Its all because of something
That I didn't learn in school,
Im just cool(cool)
Honey baby cant you see...I'm soo cool(cool)
Aint nobody bad like me
what's that spell?(C-O-O-L)
what's that spell?(C-O-O-L)
and im cool im just cool(cool,cool,cool)
im just cool im just cool cool cool
when I look into the mirror
theres just something I already know
im just cool(cool)
Honey baby cant you see...I'm just cool(cool)
Aint nobody bad like me
Spell it(C-O-O-L)
Whats that spell?(C-O-O-L) cool
Sing it baby cool
Whats that spell?(cool)


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