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Obscene Procession

Can't you see 'em, in obscene procession?
Clad in fox fur all [cock in their][violent / vile and]____________
Pink and wobbling with all their possessions
They live on junk food and TV and booze
And bottles of pain relief pills and all.

Don't you [know/love]them?
They make life [hellish / hell here]
And think there's heaven above 'em.

Can't you hear 'em in obscene procession?
It's called talking, it's how they betray their [cushy / pushy]friends.
Cough and wheezing, they dribble pretension,
Slimy tongues tell the truth which they love to push and bend.

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Can't you smell 'em in obscene procession?
Stink of bacon, defoliants, beer and [swastikas].
Whips and _____________________, adulterous confessions,
Mixed with money and those little refreshments
Hung in their and cars and wardrobes and all

Don't you hate
Those [foolish]____________
They need their ____________ to deflate 'em.

Animals beware
Knives and forks that glare
Never trust those [staring / scary]humans
[being / beating]the [worst / world]
Especially when they're hungry.

Animals beware
Knives and forks so bare
Never trust those [staring / scary]humans
[being / beating]the [worst / world]
Especially when they're hungry
They make each other hungry
There's no need to be hungry
Not today.

Can't you see 'em, in obscene procession?
Fat and pompous, they [crash]_____________________
Aren't you glad that I told you about them?
Aren't you glad you never evolved up any more?

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