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The Verve Pipe

Medicate Myself

Written:donny brown

I hear you cryin' for me
But i see the anger in your eyes
I want what will not judge me
I need what keeps me warm inside
A man without a purpose
Stares from the mirror on the wall
You think you know my problems -
I think that you don't
Know me at all
I don't believe i suffer
Disease as you proclaim
And i don't believe that i should kneel
And hang my head in shame
Held prisoner by a monkey
Strapped on behind my back
And while i sit ablaze
The light is slowly fading
Into the black
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So i...
I've got to medicate myself again
I've got to medicate myself again
I've got to medicate myself again
Cuz you don't need me hanging &round
One more drink and i will be drowned
I know you hate to see me
As i defeat myself this way
You know you can't control me
You know i'm slipping day by day
Down into my obsession
Down in the hole where i belong
And when the fight is over
You will stay right here
And i will be gone
So i...

(repeat chorus)