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Love Me (feat. Aliyah)

Timbaland feat. Magoo

And we're back, playing the hottest music on your radio
Coast to coast, worldwide shore to shore, sea to sea
I am your host, DeBruca
And you're listening to the hottest radio station in all the land
What a revelation
You're the reason that I breathe
Innocent creation, I can use you as I please
The only one to tell my story when words are hard to catch
Of all that comes with fame and glory, you let me rock you best
Ooh, ooh, weee
Ooh, ooh, weee
Ooh, ooh, weee
Ooo, ooh, ooo, ooh
Such a sensation
Hypnotizin' melody, no limitations
I can stroke yo' every key
And you'll give me that do-re-mi-so
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And sometimes double time
And sometimes you'll love me nice and slow
Makes me wanna sing this rhyme
Ooh, ooh, weee
Ooh, ooh, weee
Ooh, ooh, weee
Ooo, ooh, ooo, ooh
Love me like I love you
Don't you love me boo? Don't you love me boo?
Love me like I, love you, don't you love me boo?
Promising, promising now, that I love ya, I love ya
I love ya, I love ya
I do love ya, yes, I do, yes, I do
Can you love me, can you love me
Can you love me, can you love me tonight, tonight?
Can you love me, now can you love me
Now can you love me, now can you love me tonight, tonight?
All I wanna say to you is
Can you love me, can you love me
Can you love me, love me?


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