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(feat. Magoo, Raje Shwari, Sebastian)

(What What) Ha, Ha, Ha, Haa, Haa (What What)
Yo Yo, Ya Yo Yo Yoooo (Oh Oh)

Give me that eye, Give me that Eye (Boom da Uh UH)
Ya Yo Yo Yoooo
Give me that eye, Give me that eye (Boom da uh uh)

[First Verse: Timabaland]
People know me, As 'The Great Timbaland' (Timbaland)
Been brought in the Slums, But I ranned (But I ranned)
Been boning girls in the Scooby Doo Van (Doo Van)
Chicks been missing since the Summer Of Sam (Of Sam)
Oh, I get'em all from ya hood clubs (Clubs)
Blue Magic, Be floating in my black Cup (Cup)
Mack mold, spit the game and make'em feel good (Feel Good)
Eyes closed like they gone off that backwood (Backwood)
(Ahhhh) Go on girllll, do ya damn thang
Booty poppin, Spell my name with ya tongue rang
Banana Dodge ain't a damn thang
Sitting in the bucket, like a Champagne
This for my ghetto people (People)
Another T & M Collabo (Collabo)
So girlll, why you actin funny for
I see ya eyes talkin while you got ya mouth closed

[Chorus 2X: Timbaland]& (Raje)
Look at that, look at that Naughty Eye (Manu ma Naye)
I see you give that Naughty Eye (Manu ma Neye)
Sucking on ya thumb like a pacifier (Na Raje, Nu Fire)
Must mean you wanna get naughty right
{*female moan*} eeee yeah

[Second Verse: Magoo]
I want you bitches to calm down
I'm Yao Ming with mines, a player in each town
I know you mad when I come around
I Lex coupe to woman, tops they come down (Oh)
You wanna see what can Magoo do
Be in V.I.P. with my hands up ya Tu-Tu
Boo, get you and Sue, Tisha and Lu Lu
Get a twelve pack of skins, so I can run through ya whole crew
Look ma, I know I was the one that you wanted
You gave me Naughty Eye, Seen you in the club but you fronted
You got mad blunted, Then Mag became the Hunted
It was fourth down, would've made a pass, but I punted
I got more woman than ye, You just Flea
Give'em crackers an cheese, Then give'em some tea
You want some money hoe, Go catch a bee
Cause the pussy in ya pants bitch smell like a sea


[Bridge 2X: Raje Shwari]
Ohh mede do ooh aje
Tuu mede do ooh aje
Bu mede do ooh aje
(Sebastian) Ha Ha, Ha Ha

[Third Verse: Sebastian]+ (Timbaland)
Sebastian be quicker
More proof than my daddy's old E liquor
I like'em Trina size, but if they ever be bigger
I put the sheets to the ground
Act bigger, make the shake stick her, so they can at least figure
Then we hit the slopes
Same amount of snow, that Johnny would it nose
No chain and ropes, I don't chestize my hoes
Just release the low, and put little me's on clothes
But still though I got (love for you)
Single mothers I got (love for you)
Fuck niggaz who hatin I got (love for you)
Middle fingers I keep'em (up for you)
Couple bottles with models
That would swallow you whole
If I vanish tommorrow, niggaz will follow the flow
See a hundred like towers, watch me pull in the load
When I come to ya clubs, niggaz will be stare at the doors




[Breakdown: Timbaland]
Go (Echo)


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10.Bounce [Clean]
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14.Lil' Apartment
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66.Cop That Ish (Mentor remix) (feat. Juggy D)
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69.I Got Luv 4 Ya
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79.N 2 Da Music

Lifesaver This You Bad Say Again Be Ok One Shot Two Cinema Bizarre All My Mind Cause I Wait A Person All In This Together Give Music Make Me Love Chande Me And You Learning To Be Yourself And I Bet Make Shirle You Love In My Eye Mirror Mirror On The Wall I Have A Dream To See The We Dont Like You Normal Linkin Park Until Its Gone I Me Why Can Jam Project