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Michael Ball


Michael Ball

As Long As There's Christmas

There is more to this time of year
Than sleigh bells and holly
Mistletoe and snow
Those things come and go
Much deeper than snow
Stronger than the strongest love we'll know
We'll ever know

As long as there's Christmas I truly believe
That hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll recieve
As long as there's Christmas we'll all be just fine
A star shines above us lighting your
Way and mine

Just as long as there's Christmas
There will be Christmas pud
Tons of turkey...

Mrs. Potts:
And cranb'ry sauce
And mince pies if we're good

Loads of logs on the fire

The Ornaments:
Lots of gifts on the tree
All wrapped up in red ribbons...

Wonder if there's one for me

We are due for a party
Where on earth do we start?

I may wear my tiara
You bought me in Monmartre

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All the silver will sparkle

Mrs. Potts:
And the china will gleam

And we'll all be as shiny
As a brand-new centime

After dinner we'll play games

Mrs. Potts:
'Till the morning breaks through

Then we'll meet in the garden
This is what we shall do

We will build us a snowman
That will reach up to the sky

It will stay up until July

As long as there's Christmas I truly believe
That hope is the greatest of the gifts we'll recieve

As long as our guiding star shines above

As long as there's Christmas we'll all be just fine

There'll always be Christmas

So there always will be a time
When the world is filled with peace and love.


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