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Bow Wow


Bow Wow

One 4 The Money

Auto Moss said that its time to get money
Niggaz got they hands out but they aint getting nothing from me
I got 2 bad hoes both of em diking
See you aint think its triflin but they know that daddy like it
Even Cassie wanna holla now shit i don't blame her
Game so tight even Puffy know that i can take her, ok hat to the back and you can check my cool bitch all white phantom same color as some cool whip
i'll be on my cool shit
millionaire frame shit
even through my glasses i can still see you a lame bitch
No we aint the same bitch
Gone with that fake shit
If you aint talking money then you aint speaking my language
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Time to get the guap again
Bow is the topic and aint nothing in the playbook thats gone be stopping him
ewww better switch to a 131 im balling on these niggaz bout to tear they zone up everything i throw up any beat i touch im a murder that muddafucka torch that muddafucka
It's the B to the O to the Dub to the Dub to the O to the Dub
Now look at these 28 sticking out dubs
Aint another crew that can bang with us
Bet that we smoking angel dust
If they said they was better than us
Must been high im so fly and the winter in my ears so lets pop all the time