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Bow Wow


Bow Wow

Marco Polo (feat. Soulja Boy Tell 'em)

Soulja boy tell em'
And da boy bow wow in da building
My swag to official man
Ay soulja my swag to
Yall can't catch up
Ay yo bow let em' know
How you lookin though (oww!)

New G-shock (check)
Yellow lamborgini (Bow)
BBC shirt wittab fresh pair of jeans (Wow)
Black card spendin when I
hit da mall (studin)
You can't catch me I'm so ahead of yall

Marco Polo

Took my card to da mall and
I blacked out (ay)
Now my closet full of j's like a crack house
Ceilin so high you would think
it was Shaq's house
Whip so big that it beep
when I back out like
(beep) (Beep) ay yo tell that homie move
It's Bow Weezy Mr. Get em' wetter than a pool
I step up in a room
Bounce my ice where my chain be
All the fans be screamin like dey angry
Some call me cocky but how could ya blame me
And all da hoes like me
because my money lanky
(yeahhhhh!) and I'm still da first to rock
(yeahhhhh!) first to put ice in a G-shock

New G-shock (check)
Yellow lamborgini (bow)
BBC shirt witta fresh pair of jeans (wow)
Black card spendin when I
hit the mall (studin)
You can't catch me I'm so ahead of yall

Marco Polo

Never been fake cause all the girls
Love official S.O.D cause
girls love initials
I'm on another level I'm in my zone
Black car white rims can dey both get along
This is not the Matrix but I am the oricle
Do you wanna get wit me the
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question is rhetorical
Say the sam lines but the fans
Arent bored of me, $7500 if
you want to order
Hold on let me chang my swag
My flow board band yall boys dtill last
My whole click straight
Yall whole click fags
Last night ya girl forhead was on my abs

Gucci Bandana (check)
Louie V. leather (check)
Keep on lookin there's noone better
Airforce ones, mix with the new j's
You can't catch me I'm to far away

Marco Polo

Man I make the girls go crazy
Dey wanna be my lady
How many can I fit I'm my
two seatter Mercedes
Lime-green Lambo no roof that's a droptop
Dey hatin cuz dey grilfriends on my jock
I let her lick da rapper
Let her lick da acto
The next Will Smith, and I be
Ballin like the Raptors
If you don't want no drama in the club
Then don't act up
How can I run out
My money longer than a tour bus

Ay new (what) G-shock (check)
Yellow Lamborgini (what) (Bow)
BBC shirt (what) witta fresh (do yo dance)
Pair of jeans (Wow)
Black card spendin when I
hit da mall (stutin)
You can't catch me I'm so ahead of yall

Marco Polo

Ay hit me on my celluar now (ay)
Call me on my celluar now
Ay call me on my celluar now Bow Wow
I say call me on my celluar now
Soulja Boy & Bow Wow


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