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Bow Wow

Crazy Girls(Interlude)

作词:Bryan Michael Cox, Jermaine Dupri

Yeah, the craziest thing every girl ever try to, uh, what, do to me
I have to probably say
You know, they jumped off a bus to get to me
They were, actually they jumped off like this little cliff
Matter of fact I think was in Chicago, you know what I'm sayin', on my bus

But they do a lot of things they try to, you know
Throw a teddy bears at me, they try to kiss me, grab me
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Grab my Mickey Mouse chain
I almost lost that so many times, ah

But uh, you know, I mean that's how it is, you know
When you live, when you live like me
When you live like how I do
Man, that stuff that, you know that
That stuff happen