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Chris Rea


Chris Rea

Never Tie Me Down

I got a load of bad stuff
Laying heavy on my mind
I got a smile that sometimes
I find so hard to find
I got trouble
Chasing me every day
Too scared to look out
See what the bad sings say
Well you can beat up on my busted soul
Leave it bleeding on the ground
But oh Lord you ain't ever gonna tie me down

I got the Devil
He follows me around
He keep coming
Chasing me from town to town
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I got a two ton bag of lead
Slammin' down on me
Well, peace and love
Oh baby that ain't never coming near me
Beat my soul
Leave it bleeding chained and bound
But let me tell you
You ain't never gonna chain me down
Oh Lord, never tie me down

You better look out
Cos I'm always gonna be around
I'll tell you why, I'll tell you why, why why
Oh Lord, you ain't never gonna chain me down