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Dark Moor


Dark Moor

A New World

Old world has left in starvation and disease
fourteen ninety-two bring a new change to see
Across the ocean the would sail
(following out the dark blaze)
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They keep the route with an endless faith

far beyond the earth's edge
they will reach their dreams
as a privilege
sun still soreads out it dreams

With the winds of the sea
always dlowing from the east
three boats dare to face
just a will, a delief
which could cross the deep abyss
to discover a new world
saving humanity

suddenly a joyful cry
was heard in the avanced night
the long awaited sight
was seen below the sky

new treasures shine before my eyes
(they're dright like a durning fire)
i will enjoy the ethernal sea of life



aventus nautarum in novan terram
argentum aurumque America

but they didn't know
that this virgin ground
was ab unknow land that overgrows
new eden's found
the lost paradise
Mankinds dawn is beginning to rise

this land is wild
Our boots were defiled
Our dreams will be reality
the native's pain
always in vain
our glory was their agony

But when columbus told the queen
all the thing he'd seeb
he had to submit and be agreed
With kingdom's greed