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Neil Sedaka


Neil Sedaka

Should Have Never Let You Go

When you walk into a room,
Your beauty steals my breath away.
When you look into my eyes,
I find it hard to find the words to say.
Want to run away and hide,
I've just got to let you know.
Feel so tangled up inside,
I should have never let you go.

Anyone can make mistakes,
And we both have made our share,
But a life without your love,
Is a life too hard to bear.
I don't care who's right or wrong,
Only know I love you so.
Why did I have to write this song?
I should have never let you go.

In all the wide, wide world,
Have I run into you here,
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Wish I could disappear.
I'll never understand,
Why I even give a damn.

When you walk into a room,
You know I stand on shaky ground.
I've built so many walls around me,
Now the walls are tumbling down.
You're the kind I can't forget,
Let the tears begin to flow.
I have only one regret,
I should have never let you go.

Should have never let you go,
Should have never let you go,
Should have never let you go.
Should have never let ......

................. you ...... go.


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