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Alison Moyet


Alison Moyet

Sweet Thing

hey,hey,hey,sweet thing
i give in
sweet thing
i give in (submission)
(dont you want to right it ,fight it )
oh,no if you dont think its right
cant change youre mind if i talk all night
(dont you want to right it fight it )
hey,hey,hey sweet
i give in
(dont you want to right it fight it )
just go
i don't want to fight it
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just take your things
and say good night
(dont you want to right it fight it)
just go
'cos nothing now can keep this a good thing.
hey,hey,hey how could you be so unkind
when you were lying to me all the time
you don't need me now in your life is fine
it's your day now,but it's gonna be mine
oh,and what a sweet day


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