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Wasting My Time (radio edit)

That's what he said
Clever when you talk
Pretty when you sleep
Started seeing red
Give it all away
Too precious to keep
Don't make any doubt
That you can undo
Don't be surprised
If I don't talk to you

Don't be wasting our time
You've been lying before
You've been trying to get out
We've been climbing walls

Tearing it out
I'm under your skin
Bows in your eyes
Murder on gin
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You hide inside
But I'm coming in
It isn't over if we never begin

Don't be wasting my time
Don't be wasting my time
Wasting my time
Wasting my time

Stop being deined
What's divinely yours
Let your hands untie
And finally walk
You can stand by my side
I'll cover the course
The winner's gain
And the loser's loss


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