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YabBaDadBaDoo YabBaDabBaDabBaDoo
(Stanley)What it be like? so you ask takin' a stroll in the park
I Was the other day and guess what I saw an old man who
Makes a young man begin to contemplate about the meaning
O'life about existance he said like a story it unfolds
About a man who was born in...
Harlem but made the grade one
Day hit the goldmine big time he was as they say
So this individual he was an uptown broker hangin' tight
with the boys on the wallstreet but then bust it goes Ba-Ba
Black Sunday put him down on his face now he's sleeping in
The crowd with the rest of those vagabond souls so no
Where to go just chillin' in the cold oh that's why we're
Here to speech we're here to make a breach so let's boot It with an L.A. sound
心情放轻松 日子多好过 不要不要想太多 快乐妳和我
YabBaDadBaDoo YabBaDabBaDabBaDoo
(Jeff)Hey I see eye to eye with what you gotta say and all but
Things are always easier said than done so in spite of
All the philosophical reality's been laying kind of heavy on
My mind 'cause you see I read it in her letter that she's
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Got another lover I was never the romeo whe had in mind
Juliet could play the opposite of if you know what I mean...
(Steven PHAT)yep I know exactly what 'cha mean
(Rendel pulls and lilkes seven eight)
Good! then I can refrain from going thru the pain of the
Inexplicable sadness that lives within my heart that's
Right I'll play my part so you gotta say?...
(Steven PHAT)yeah I got something to say (pee chi tea grubs)
and so it goes that I happen to know exactly
How you feel the owner of a broker heart and all so
Put away a frown no need to be down
'cause the L.A.B. posse's here to kick it with a new jack sound
心情放轻松 日子多好过 不要不要想太多 快乐妳和我
YabBaDadBaDoo YabBaDabBaDabBaDoo
(Steven PHAT Leprechaun)So what's all this talk I've been hearing about the end of
The world just around the corner saying its a revelation
But I've read the book enough to know about it that it's
About a revolution of the soul taking a walk on the bright
Side so don't be trapped into a stte of mind that a
Life is just a dead end street get youself up from off the
Ground cuz like I said we're here to kick it what a PHAT New sound!
心情放轻松 日子多好过 不要不要想太多 快乐妳和我 YabBaDadBaDoo YabBaDabBaDabBaDoo