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Buckle Up

作词:Debbie Harry, Seth Justman

Country cousins stepping out on city sides
Want to warm you and wish you a lovely time
Dirty dozens gonna push their pistols, gonna pull their pride
Oh, so friendly flirties change their partners choose up sides

Buckle up your seat belt, baby
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
Buckle up your sweet self sugar
You drive me crazy, ya fly me high

Re re repercussions, echo and the reverbs sigh
Careless caution, it's not the case but what's inside
What can pass for safety measures?
You can tell 'em not to wreck your treasures
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No this time, not ever, not next time
Make secure some sons and lovers
It's all made clear with see-through covers
We're too close, too close for comfort now

Buckle up that seat belt, baby
It's gonna be a bumpity bump
Buckle up your sweet self sugar
You drive me crazy and I jumpity jump

Yeah, you got to do it
Yeah there's nothing to it, it's the law
Pull over, coming up on some bad road


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