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The Hollies


The Hollies

I'll Be True To You(Yes I Will)

作词:Gerry Goffin, Russ Titelman

I'll be true to you, yes, I will
I'll be true to you, yes, I will
I won't look twice when the other girls go by
I'll be true to you, yes, I will

Somehow this time it's all so clear to me
The way to go is easy to see
My heart is sure you're the girl I've waited for
I'll be true to you, yes, I will, yes, I will

I used to be the kind who said that every girl's the same
And love was just a game for having fun
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But when I looked at you, I knew that I was wrong
And that I really could belong to only one

I'll be true to you, yes, I will
Every dream that you have I'll fulfill
I never promised this to any girl before
But I'll be true to you, yes, I will

I never promised this to any girl before
But I'll be true to you, yes, I will
Yes, I will, yes, I will
Yes, I will, oh yes, I will


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