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Olivia Newton-John


Olivia Newton-John

Never Enough

Twelve hours a day ain't such a long time, it's only a means to an end
He thinks that his pay will buy her devotion
But he's only payin' for her to pretend
What more can he do but give her his heart, wrapped up in a love so sincere
Looking around at all that they have, it seems clear

That it's never enough, never, never enough
Why is all that we have simply never enough
No, it's never enough, never, never enough
It's so sad, is anything ever enough

She ran out of time for people who loved her
Their love couldn't get her nowhere
Isn't it sad she started collecting
Friends who are stangers, but she doesn't care
Surrounding herself with phonies and fools
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Who tell her what she wants to hear
Looking around at all that they have, it seems clear



Why must we want so much more than we have, will we never be satisfied?
Just look around, how can we feel so denied?

But... (chorus)

Enough (repeats out)



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