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George Michael


George Michael

Ain't Nobody

Captured effortlesly. That's the way it was.
It happens so naturely. I did not know it was love.
The next thing I felt was you. Holding me close
What was I gonna do. I let myself go.

And now we fly through the stars.
Want this night will last for ever.

I've been waiting for you. It's been so long.
I knew just what I would do when I heard your song.
I fill my heart with your kiss. It gave me freedom.
You knew I could not resist. I needed someone.

And now we're flying through the stars.
I hope this night lasts for ever.

Ain't nobody (NOBODY)
Loves me better (LOVES ME BETTER)
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way (NOBODY)
Ain't nobody (NOBODY)
Loves me better (THAN YOU)

I wait for nighttime to come to bring you to me.
Can't believe I'm the one. I was so lonely.
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I feel like noone can feel. I must be dreamin'.
I want this dream to be real. I'm in this feeling.

I make my whish upon a star
And hope this night will last for ever.

Ain't nobody (NOBODY)
Loves me better (LOVES ME BETTER)
Makes me happy This way
Makes me feel this way (NOBODY)
Ain't nobody (NOBODY BABY)
Loves me better
Ain't nobody
Loves me better (THAN YOU)

I wish you put your arms around me.
Yeah you put your arms around me.
I can't resist this sweet surrender.
Oh, my night's so warm and tender.
We stare into each others eyes.
And what we seek is no surprise.
I've got a feeling most would treasure.
And our love's so deep we cannot measure


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