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Carlos Santana


Carlos Santana

Evil Ways

Lyrics:Clarence Henry
Music:Clarence Henry

You've got to change your evil ways... baby
Before I stop loving you.
You've go to change... baby
And every word that I say, it's true.
You've got me running and hiding
All over town.
You've got me sneaking and peeping
And running you down
This can't go on...
Lord knows you got to change... baby.

When I come home... baby
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My house is dark and my pots are cold
You're hanging 'round... baby
With Jean and Joan and a who knows who
I'm getting tired of waiting and fooling around
I'll find somebody, who won't make me feel like a clown
This can't go on...
Lord knows you got to change

Organ Solo:

(Repeat 2nd verse)

Yeah ... Yeah ... Yeah ...


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