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Love,can't you see I'm alone
Can't you give this fool a chance
A little love is all I ask
a little kindness in the night
Please don't leave me behind
No don't tell me love is blind
A little love is all I ask and that is all
Oh love.I've been searching so long
I've been searching high and low
A little love is all I ask
A little sadness when you're gone
Maybe you need a friend
Only please don't let's pretend
a little love is all I ask and that is all
I wanna spread my wings
But I just can't fly
As string of pearl and pretty girl
Go sailing by --
Ocean deep --
(so hard for me to say it)
I'm so afraid to show my feelings
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(You're the only one I love)
I have sailed a million ceilings
(Just can't reveal it)
Solitary room --
Ocean deep --
(may be may be)
Wil I ever find a lover
(May be she sound)
May be she has fond another
And as I cry myself to sleep
I know this is love of mine I'll keep
Ocean Deep --
Love can't you hear when I call
Can't yu hear a word I say
a little love is all ask
a little feeling when we touch
Why an I still alone
I've got a heart without a home
A little love is all I ask and that is all


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