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99 Sayonara(再会)

Here we are, feeling oh so small
Drink the cup, now there's nothing left at all
Lying to ourselves till winter came around
Now we're landed back on the ground
Breaking up, used to be a game
'Cos making up, felt heaven when it came
Then we cut you deep and couldn't heel the pain
Now we all alone in the rain
Everyone, need a hand to hold
Remember me, when your nights are getting cold
Funny how a love so strong came to an end
Oh funny how you lose a friend
Sayonara, Sayonara, Sayonara
Take a look at the sky it's time for me to go
We can never stay together, no use to try
Turn around and let me say goodbye
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Take a look at the sky and the rain's coming down
Loneliness, is a sad affair
I look around, and I see you everywhere
I reach out in the darkness but I always find
That you're not there but still on my mind
The morning mist, drifting though the dawn
Takes me back, to a time already gone
Whisper conversations when I made you smile
Oh crying was never your style
We stayed too long at the picture show
Love is gone, now it's time for us to go
The curtain's coming down too fast on you and I
Now all we have to say is goodbye
All we have to say goodbye


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