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Putrid Pile【 共收藏 6 张专辑, 61 首歌 】
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Paraphiliac Perversions 英文
1.Death D‚cor
2.Toxic Shock Therapy (提供)
3.Onward the Dogs of War
4.I Need You Dead
5.My Semen Rots With You
6.Whore Annihilation
7.Necro-Pack Rat
8.A Necrophiliac's Pastime
9.Humiliation Modus Operandi
10.Gutter Sludge Tramp
11.Puke on It (提供)
12.The Kiss of Death
13.Human Stress Reliever
15.You Dead = Me Satisfied
The Pleasure in Suffering 英文
1.Rush Hour Killing Spree
3.Putrid Pile (Of Rotting Corpses)
4.Baby Brains
5.RIP Her to Shreds
6.Battered Bitch
7.Caged and Awaiting Death
8.Circlepit Commando
9.Food for the Maggots
10.My Inner Demon
11.Collection of Butchery (live)
12.Gorging on Labia
13.Merciless Homicide (demo)
14.Drenched in Gasoline (live)
15.Bodies on Display (live)
16.Bleed for Me (live)
House of Dementia 英文
2.25 Cromwell Street
3.The Face of Death
4.Waste of Flesh
5.Fecal Frenzy
6.Your Nightmare Reality
7.Blood Runs Red
8.Post Coital Satisfaction
9.God of Degradation
10.Involuntary Suicide
11.The Gorebox
Collection of Butchery 英文
1.Dead In the Alleyway
2.Gallery of Horrors
3.Collection of Butchery
4.Remnants of Insanity
5.Covered in Excrement
6.Bleed for Me
7.Severed Head Memento
8.Held Captive for Torture
9.Dead in the Alleway
Blood Fetish 英文
1.Blood Fetish
4.Face-Pounding Madness
5.Tortured Soul
6.Strangulation is the Only Answer
7.Bowel Batter
8.Deepfried Evil
9.Petty Leftovers
暂存 英文
1.Shit Body Painting

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