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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手The Living Tombstone
The Living Tombstone【 共收藏 4 张专辑, 48 首歌 】
The Living Tombstone
类型: 节日, 舞曲/电子
专辑: Tombstone Remixes
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Tombstone Remixes 英文
1.More Than a Chicken (Instrumental)
3.Shadow of a Flower
5.Daring Mare
8.Sonic Rhyme-Boom
9.Vicious Lies
10.Never Back Down
11.Rainbow Factory
13.Neverending Strife
14.Pinkie's Brew
15.Nightmare Night
16.Back in Time (Demo)
17.Sister Hate (Instrumental)
18.Sister Hate
Five Nights At Freddy's 英文
1.I Got No Time (FNAF 4)
2.Five Nights at Freddy's
3.Five Nights at Freddy's (Instrumental Mix)
Compilation 英文
1.Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix (Extended Mix)
2.Super Smash Mouth Bros.
3.Beyond Here Tomb
4.Sorry Jack by Scratch21 Remix
5.The Road to El Dorado Remix
6.Octavia's Overture
7.Die In A Fire
8.Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Song (Die In A Fire)
9.Squid Melody (Blue Version)
10.It's Been So Long (FNAF2)
暂存 英文
1.Squid Melody (Red Version) [Instrumental]
2.I Got No Time
3.Die In a Fire (Instrumental)
4.The Living Tombstone - Five Nights At Freddy's (Ocular Remix)
5.It's Been So Long
6.It's Been So Long (Instrumental)
7.Like She's Spinning Records
8.Run, Shoot, Kill, Cry
9.Good ol' Days
10.Becoming Popular (Aviators Remix)
12.More Than A Chicken
13.Cut the Cord
14.Jump Up, Super Star!
15.My Ordinary Life
16.GBA SP Blue Edition Song
17.Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Song

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