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Whiskey In the Jar 英文
1.All For Me Grog (Live)
2.Many Young Men of Twenty
3.Croppy Boy
4.Come and Join the British Army
5.The Inniskillen Dragoons
6.Home, Boys, Home (Live)
7.The Holy Ground (Live)
8.Peggy Gordon
9.Whiskey in the Jar
10.Spancil Hill
11.I Wish I Were Back in Liverpool
12.Go to Sea No More
13.The Bonny Shoals of Herring
14.The Partin' Glass
15.The Galway Races
16.Darby O'Leary
17.Quare Bungle Rye
18.Poor Old Dicey Riley
19.A Muirsheen Durkin
21.The Travelling People
22.Molly Bawn
23.Weila Waila
24.Whiskey on a Sunday
25.Whiskey In the Jar (Live)
Too Late to Stop Now: The Very Best of the Dubliners 英文
1.The Spanish Lady
2.The Craic Was Ninety in the Isle of Man
3.The Rare Auld Times
4.The Fields of Athenry (提供)
5.Finnegan's Wake
6.Whiskey in the Jar
The Very Best Of 英文
1.The Black Velvet Band - 1993 Remastered Version
2.Dirty Old Town - 2003 Remastered Version
3.The Black Velvet Band (1993 Remaster)
4.I'm a Rover (2003 Remaster)
5.Paddy On the Railway (2003 Remaster)
6.Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe (2003 Remaster)
7.The Inniskillen Dragoons (1993 Remaster)
8.Drink It Up Men (1993 Remaster)
9.Whiskey In the Jar (1993 Remaster)
10.A Pub With No Beer (1993 Remaster)
11.I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool (1993 Remaster)
12.Rocky Road to Dublin
14.Jar of Porter
15.Finnegan's Wake
16.Wild Rover
17.The Sick Note
18.I'm A Rover - 2003 Remastered Version
19.Whiskey In The Jar - 1993 Remastered Version
20.Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man - 1993 Remastered Version
21.Seven Deadly Sins - 1993 Remastered Version
22.A Pub With No Beer - 1993 Remastered Version
23.Rising Of The Moon - 1993 Remastered Version
24.All For Me Grog - 1993 Remastered Version
25.Nancy Whiskey - 1993 Remastered Version
26.The Auld Triangle - 1993 Remastered Version
27.A Nation Once Again - 1993 Remastered Version
28.The Galway Races - 1993 Remastered Version
29.The Irish Navy - 1993 Remastered Version
30.The Parting Glass - 1993 Remastered Version
31.Rattling Roaring Willie - 1993 Remastered Version
The Dubliners 英文
1.I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool
2.The Mero
3.The Rare Old Times (提供)
4.Wild Rover - Live
5.The Nightingale (提供)
6.A Pub With No Beer
7.The Rocky Road to Dublin - Live
8.Off to Dublin in the Green
9.Peggy Gordon
10.Joe Hill
11.Spancil Hill
12.Wild Rover
13.Whiskey in the Jar
14.Jar Of Porter
15.Rare Old Mountain Dew
16.I'll Tell My Ma
18.Finnegan's Wake
19.The Lord of the Dance
20.Down by the Glenside
21.Humpty Dumpty
22.The Wests Awake
23.Holy Ground
24.The Newry Highway Man
25.The Irish Rover (提供)
26.The Monto
27.Molly Malone
28.Donegal Danny
29.For What Died the Song of Roisin?
30.Johnsons Motor Car (提供)
31.School Day's Over
32.The Molly Maguires
33.Banks of the Roses - Live
34.McAlpine's Fusilers
35.Finegan's Wake
36.Tramps and Hawkers
37.Button Pusher
38.Hey Johnny McGorry
39.McAlpine's Fusilier's
The Dubliners Greatest Hits 英文
1.The Lifeboat Mona
2.Whiskey in the Jar
3.Off to Dublin in the Green
4.I'll Tell My Ma
5.Joe Hill
7.Gentleman Soldier
9.The Mero
10.Down by the Glenside
11.Peggy Lettermore (提供)
Originals 英文
1.Home Boys Home (Live)
3.Finnegan's Wake
4.I'll Tell My Ma
5.Wild Rover - Live
6.The Rocky Road to Dublin - Live
7.Banks of the Roses - Live
8.Peggy Lettermore (提供)
Milestones 英文
1.I'm Asking You Sergeant Where's Mine
2.The Sick Note
4.Leaving of Liverpool
5.Rocky Road to Dublin
6.I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day
7.7 Drunken Nights
8.Preab San Ol
9.Barley and Grape Rag
10.Reels (提供)
11.Whiskey in the Jar
Live 英文
1.Weila Waila (Live)
2.Home Boys Home (Live)
3.The Holy Ground (Live)
4.The Foggy Dew
5.Finnegan's Wake (Live)
6.Peggy Lettermore (提供)
7.Whiskey in the Jar (Live)
Live at Vicar Street 英文
1.The Spanish Lady (Live)
2.Whiskey in the Jar
3.Finnegan's Wake
4.Finnegan's Wake (Live)
5.The Rocky Road to Dublin (Live)
6.I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me
7.Paddy on the Railway
8.The Dublin Minstrel
9.The Ferryman
10.The Irish Rover (Live)
11.I'll Tell Me Ma (Live)
12.When the Boys Come Rolling Home (Live)
13.The Pool Song (Live)
14.The Rare Old Times (Live)
15.Whiskey in the Jar (Live)
Live In Carré, Amsterdam 英文
1.Dicey Reilly - Live In Carre
2.Seven Drunken Nights - Live In Carre
3.The Wild Rover - Live In Carre
4.Galway Races - Live In Carre
5.Whiskey In The Jar - Live In Carre
6.The Old Triangle - Live In Carre
7.Dirty Old Town - Live In Carre
8.Building Up And Tearing England Down - Live In Carre
9.Song For Ireland - Live In Carre
10.The Sick Note - Live In Carre (提供)
Legendary Concert of the Dubliners 40 Years Reunion (Live) 英文
1.The Foggy Dew (Live)
2.Carrickfergus (Live)
3.Don't Give Up 'Til It's Over (Live)
4.South Australia (Live)
5.Grace (Live)
6.Raglan Road (Live)
7.The Fields of Athenry (Live)
8.The Banks of the Roses (Live)
9.Whiskey in the Jar (Live)
In Concert 英文
1.Roddy MacCorley (Live)
2.The Twang Man (Live)
3.The Patriot Game (Live)
4.My Love Is In America (Reel) [Live]
5.The Kerry Recruit (Alternate Live Take)
6.The Ragman's Ball (From Live Sampler EP) [Bonus Track]
7.Home, Boys, Home (From Live Sampler EP) [Bonus Track]
8.Leaving of Liverpool
9.Peggy Lettermore (提供)
Hometown (Live) 英文
1.The Molly Maguires - Live
2.The Comical Genius - Live
3.Hand Me Down Me Bible - Live
4.Monto - Live
Greatest Hits 3 英文
1.The Old Triangle
2.The Waterford Boys
3.A Bunch of Red Roses
4.Weile, Weile, Weile
5.Spanish Lady
6.Danny Farewell (提供)
7.Mcalpines Fusilers
8.Killieburn Brae
Greatest Hits 1 英文
1.Spancil Hill
2.A Nation Once Again
3.Finegans Wake
4.Saxon Shilling
5.Dainty Davy
6.The Molly Maguires
7.The Mero
Further Along 英文
1.I Ever You Go to Dublin Town
2.Back in Durham Gaol (提供)
3.The Crack Was Ninety in the Isle of Man
4.Cavan Girl
5.Further Along
Essential Collection 英文
1.Maids when you're Young Never Wed an old Man
2.Net Hauling Song
3.Peggy Gordon
4.A Pub with No Beer
5.Black Velvet Band
6.The Leavin' Of Liverpool
7.The Dundee Weaver (提供)
8.The Rising of the Moon
9.Zoological Gardens
10.I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool
11.The Irish Navy
12.Nancy Whiskey
Drinkin' & Courtin' [2012 - Remaster] (2012 Remastered Version) 英文
1.Quare Bungle Rye - 2012 Remastered Version
2.Peggy Gordon - 2012 Remastered Version
3.Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe - 2012 Remastered Version
Complete Collection 英文
1.The Captains and the Kings
2.Whiskey in the Jar
3.Finnegan's Wake
4.Joe Hill
6.The Molly Maguires
7.Down by the Glenside
8.The Newry Highwayman
9.The Saxon Shilling
10.Springhill Mining Disaster
11.The Lowlands of Holland
12.The Louse House of Kilkenny
13.The Lord of the Dance
14.A Gentleman Soldier
15.The Gartan Mother's Lullaby
16.The Waterford Boys / The Humours of Scariff / The Flannel Jacket
17.Spancil Hill
Celtic Collections 英文
2.Raglan Road
3.Whiskey in the Jar
4.Dirty Old Town
5.Dublin in the Rare Old Times (提供)
6.Finnegan's Wake
7.Song for Ireland
Best of The Dubliners 英文
1.Killieburne Brae
2.Three Sea Captains
3.All for Me Grog (提供)
4.Schoolday's Over
5.Dainty Davey
6.Matt Hyland
7.The Sun Is Burning
8.The Comical Genius
9.Free the People
10.Johnson's Motor Car
11.High Germany
12.Finnegan's Wake
Ageless Classics 英文
1.Roddy McCorley (live)
2.The Old Orange Flute (live)
3.Easy and Slow (live)
4.My Love Is in America (live)
5.The Kerry Recruit (live)
6.The Woman From Wexford (live)
7.Off to Dublin in the Green
8.Jar of Porter
A Time to Remember 英文
1.The Ferryman (Live)
2.Whiskey in the Jar
3.Peggy Lettermore (提供)
4.Finnegan's Wake
5.The Nightingale (提供)
6.The Banks of the Roses (Live)
7.Finnegan's Wake (Live)
8.Three Score and Ten
9.Molly Malone (Live)
10.I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me (Live)
11.Preab San Ól (Live)
12.The Auld Triangle (Live)
13.The Town I Loved so Well (Live)
14.The Black Velvet Band (Live)
15.Kelly the Boy from Killane (Live)
16.The Nightingale (Live)
17.Three Score and Ten (Live)
18.Whiskey in the Jar (Live)
30 Years A-Greying 英文
1.The Rose
2.What Will We Tell the Children
3.Liverpool Lou
6.Sweet Thames Flow Softly
7.Boots of Spanish Leather
8.The Call and the Answer
9.Sands of Sudan
10.Will the Circle Be Unbroken
11.Bantry Girl's Lament
12.Phil the Fluter's Ball
13.The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door
14.The Pool Song
15.The Galway Shawl
16.The Death of the Bear
17.Eileen Óg
18.Whiskey in the Jar
25 Years Celebration 英文
1.Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
2.Last of the Great Whales
3.A Rambling Rover
4.The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
5.Don't Get Married (提供)
6.Protect and Survive
7.Sally Wheatley
9.Rose of Allendale
10.Sick Note (提供)
11.Cod Liver Oil
12.Mountain Dew (提供)
13.The Last of the Great Whales (提供)
14.Rambling Rover (提供)
15.Leaving Nancy
16.The Sick Note
Definitive Pub Songs Collection 英文
1.Lord of the Dance
2.Molly Malone
4.The Lark in the Morning
暂存1 英文
1.Roddy Mc Corley
2.Seven Deadly Sins
3.The Masons Apron (提供)
4.Tibby Dunbar
5.The Lark in the Morning - Live
6.Four Green Fields - Live
7.The Galway Races - 2012 Remastered Version
8.The Dundee Weaver - 2012 Remastered Version
9.Poor Paddy On the Railway (1993 - Remaster)
10.Zoological Gardens (1993 Digital Remaster)
11.Limerick Rake (1993 Digital Remaster)
12.Maloney Wants a Drink (1993 Digital Remaster)
13.Sullivan John (1993 Digital Remaster)
14.Kelly the Boy From Killan (1993 - Remaster)
15.Gentleman Soldier (1993 Digital Remaster)
16.Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man (1993 - Remaster)
17.Nancy Whiskey (1993 - Remaster)
18.Seven Deadly Sins (1993 - Remaster)
19.Muirsheen Durkin - 1993 Remastered Version
20.Seven Deadly Sins (2012 Remastered Version)
21.Nancy Whiskey - 2012 Remastered Version
22.The Rising of the Moon - 2012 Remastered Version
23.I Know My Love - 2012 Remastered Version
24.Paddy On the Railway - 2012 Remastered Version
25.The Zoological Gardens - 2012 Remastered Version
26.The Glendalough Saint (Live At The Gate Theatre, Dublin 4/26/1966)
27.Hot Asphalt (Live At The Gate Theatre, Dublin 4/26/1966)
28.The Leaving of Liverpool (Live Version)
29.The Woman from Wexford (Live In The Concert Hall, Cecil Sharp House 12/4/1964)
30.Foggy Dew (Live)
31.Rare Old Mountain Dew (Live)
32.Will You Come to the Bower (Live At The Gate Theatre, Dublin 4/26/1966)
33.Roddy Mccorley (Bonus Track)
34.Louse House in Kilkenny
35.Alabama 58
36.On Raglan Road
37.Whisky In the Jar
38.Patriot Game
39.The Wild Rover
40.Sam Hall
41.Peat Bog Soldiers
42.James Larkin
43.I'm a Freeborn Man
44.The Rocky Road to Dublin
45.The Leaving of Liverpool
46.The Patriot Game
47.Dublin Fusiliers
48.Nelson's Farewell
49.Love Is Pleasing
50.The Woman From Wexford
51.The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
52.Parting Glass
53.And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
54.Night Visiting Song
55.The Button Pusher
56.Woman From Wexford
57.When the Boys Come Rolling Home (Seán Cannon)
58.Biddy Mulligan
59.Don't Get Married Girls
60.Never Wed an Old Man
61.Molly Mallone
62.Dirty Old Town (live)
63.Will You Come to the Bower?
64.A Song for Ireland
65.Dicey Reilly
66.I Knew Danny Farrell
67.The Gentleman Soldier
69.Smith of Bristol
70.Farewell to Carlingford
71.Maloney Wants a Drink
73.Scorn Not His Simplicity
74.Seven Drunken Night
75.I'm a Rover
76.Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
77.South Australia
78.The Manchester Rambler
79.Johnny McGory
80.The Night Visiting Song
81.The Sick Note (Murphy and the Bricks)
82.Air Fa La La La
83.The Zoological Gardens
84.The Dublin Jack of all Trades
85.The Unquiet Grave
86.Working Man
87.Now I'm Easy
88.Greenland Whale Fishery
89.Anna Liffey
90.Van Diemen's Land
91.Will You Come to the Bower (Live)
92.The Waterford Boys / The Humours of Scariff / The Flanel Jacket
93.Three Lovely Ladies From Kimmage
94.I Know My Love (2012 - Remaster)
95.My Little Son (2012 - Remaster)
96.The Auld Triangle
97.God Save Ireland
98.The Wild Rover (Live)
99.I'll Tell Me Ma
暂存 英文
1.The Parting Glass
2.Weile Weile Waile
3.I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon
4.O'Connell's Steam Engine
5.When the Boys Come Rolling Home

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