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Best of NerdOut Year 1 英文
1.Inside the Dak Zone
2.Can't Get the Weapons
3.Men of Steel
4.I'm a Watch Dog
5.Dodging Bullets
6.We Run This City
7.On the Battlefield
8.Watching Over You
9.Set Fire to the Sky
10.Fit for Survival
11.Tonight We Break In
13.The FPS Rap Battle
12 Days of NerdOut Fan Contest 英文
3.Don't Wanna Lose
4.Hammer Down
暂存 英文
1.Fit for Survival (Ark Survival of the Fittest Song)
2.Catch Me If You Can (Mirror's Edge Song)
3.Cant Get the Weapons (Supply Drop Song)
4.Watching Over You (Overwatch Song)
5.My House
6.Just Don't Look down (Uncharted 4 Song)
7.Evolve (Ark Survival Evolved Song)
8.20 Years (Pokemon Tribute)
9.Inside the Dark Zone (The Division Song)
10.Black Ops 3 Rap Battle (Specialists)
11.Fighting This War
12.Walking This Road
13.For Our Honor
14.Gotta Get Outta Here
15.Came from Somewhere
16.You're Silver (Csgo Song)
17.Kill a Ghost
18.Come Back Home
19.The Pathfinder
20.Voices in My Head
22.The Power Inside
23.Orisa the Brave
24.We Save the Galaxy
25.The Reaper
26.Dodging Bullets (Quantum Break Rap)
27.What I Believe In
28.Tank Mode
29.When the Hammer Comes Down
30.What's My Name
31.Head in the Clouds
32.Chasing Shadows
33.Rock Yo Body
34.Evolve (Acoustic Version)
35.When the Mechs Hit the Ground
36.Be the Hero
37.The Dragonblade
38.Boots on the Ground
39.Friday the 13th VS Dead by Daylight Rap Battle
40.Healing You
41.Feather in Blood
42.God of Thunder
43.Respect My Throne

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