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Welcome to Paradise 英文
1.Time Is Like a River
3.Out of You
4.The Real Show
5.Killing Life
6.Take All the Moments
8.Dreams and Fascination
9.You're the Woman
10.Wild As the Wind
11.So Long
Virtual Sun 英文
1.Until the End
2.Forget Your Hate
3.Mary's Dream
4.Calling You
5.All Around the World
6.Dirty Hands
7.Down on My Knees
8.It's a Dream Again
9.Running in the Desert Again
Urban Games 英文
1.Over the Hill (remix)
2.The Humans
3.Still Alive
4.Dancing Heroes
5.The Dictators (提供)
The Very Best Of, 20th Anniversary 英文
2.Fade Away
3.City Flowers
4.A Life
6.After the Crop
7.Beyond the Silence
9.Over the Hill
11.Let Me Live My Life
12.Nobody Knows
New Lines 英文
1.Lying World
2.Memories (live)
3.Relax (live)
4.Playboy (live)
5.Turn Off (Live)
6.So Clear
8.Champagne in Amsterdam
9.A Life (live)
Mechanical Moonbeams 英文
1.Summon Up Your Strength
2.Rope Dancer
4.The Fifth Season
5.I'm Not a Loser
Machiavel 英文
1.Johan's Brother Told Me
3.When Johan Died, Sirens Were Singing
4.Leave It Where It Can Stay
Machiavel Live in Brussels 英文
1.Washing Their Hands (Live)
2.Killing Life (Live)
3.Hearing the Rain (Live)
4.Rope Dancer (Live)
5.You're the Woman (Live)
6.She's a Snake (Live)
7.Fly (Live)
8.Ronny Runs (Live)
9.Watching the Time (Live)
10.Wild As the Wind (Live)
11.Down On My Knees (Live)
12.Chronic Love (Live)
13.Time Is Like a River (Live)
14.The Might Is Right (Live)
15.River of Shame (Live)
Jester 英文
1.Sparkling Jaw
3.In the Reign of Queen Pollution
4.The Jester
5.Mr. Street Fair
6.Rock, Sea and Tree
Break Out 英文
1.Somebody Loves You Tonight
3.I Need It
4.Draw the Line
6.Town to Town
7.Rough City
2005 英文
1.Chronic Love
2.Hearing the Rain
3.Your Shoulder
5.She's a Snake
6.Black Snow
7.Ronny Runs
8.Washing Their Hands
9.River of Shame
10.The Might Is Right
11.Watching the Time
12.Running Around
13.Roaming With Ghosts
暂存 英文
1.Lay Down
2.No Way to Heaven
3.Feel the Sun
4.The Spirits Fly Again
5.Jester (Live at the AB)
6.Beyond the Silence (2004 Remastered Version)

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