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Songs I Wrote and Later Recorded 英文
1.A Song You Might Hear in a Wedding
3.Anthem for American Teenagers
4.Spot in Line
6.One of Four
7.Places I Already Know
Promising Promises 英文
2.Without You Now
3.What I Want
4.My Girl Tonight
5.If Only I
6.I'll Follow You
7.Promising Promises
8.Maybe It's Over (Stripped & Unplugged)
9.Without You Now (Stripped & Unplugged)
10.These Crazy Times / Wool Over Eyes
11.The Atmosphere
12.You Never Know
13.These Crazy Times
OK Now 英文
1.The Middle
2.We All Need Saving
3.Throw My Love Around
4.Why I'm Talking to You
5.Dance Your Life Away
6.Always On My Mind
7.You Are the One I Love
8.Things That You Say
9.You Can Never Go Back
10.Beating My Heart
Like Us 英文
1.Before You
2.Don't Mess With My Girl
3.Thank God
4.More Than Me
5.You and I
6.Let Go
7.Walk Away
Jon McLaughlin 英文
1.Giving You Reasons
3.Blue Skies
4.Already In
5.Once Again
7.The Way
8.Loving Me
Holding My Breath 英文
2.The Truth
3.Imaginary Tea
5.Fire Away
6.Broken Hearted
7.Oh Jesus
8.Anybody Else
9.Doesn't Mean Goodbye
10.Above The Radio
11.Throw It On The Fire
Holding My Breath EP - (String Version) 英文
1.Throw It on the Fire (String Version)
2.The Truth (String Version)
3.Fire Away (String Version)
4.Broken Hearted (String Version)
5.Anybody Else (String Version)
Forever If Ever 英文
1.You Are What I'm Here For
2.My Girl Tonight
3.I Brought This on Myself
4.I'll Follow You
5.What I Want
6.Maybe It's Over
7.If Only I
8.Promising Promises
9.Summer Is Over
10.A Little Too Hard (& A Little Too Fast)
11.Without You Now
12.These Crazy Times
2008-01-20: Xanadu Lounge, The Rock Boat VIII 英文
3.Four Years
4.Amelia's Missing
暂存 英文
1.I Want You Anyway
2.Proud Father
3.So Close
4.Praying to the Wrong God
6.Beautiful Disaster
7.Another Layer
8.Throwing a Line
9.For You From Me

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