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Body Like A Back Road 英文
1.Body Like A Back Road
Drinkin' Too Much 英文
1.Drinkin' Too Much2.Drinkin' Too Much (8pm) (提供)
Between The Pines 英文
1.We Are Tonight (提供)
2.I Met A Girl
3.Bottle It Up
4.Saturday Night
8.Come Over
X2C 英文
1.Ex To See
2.House Party
3.Break Up In A Small Town
Montevallo 英文
1.Take Your Time
2.Single For The Summer
3.Make You Miss Me
4.Cop Car
5.Raised On It
Leave the Night On (Single) 英文
1.Leave the Night On
Spotify Sessions II (Live From Spotify NYC) 英文
1.Raised On It - Live From Spotify NYC
2.Ex To See - Live From Spotify NYC
3.Leave The Night On - Live From Spotify NYC
4.Break Up In A Small Town - Live From Spotify NYC
暂存 英文
1.Cop Car - Live From Spotify NYC
2.Leave the Night On (Acoustic Mixtape)
3.We Are Tonight (Acoustic Mixtape)
4.Make You Miss Me (Acoustic Mixtape)
5.I Met a Girl (Acoustic Mixtape)
6.Bottle It Up (Acoustic Mixtape)
7.Speakers (Acoustic Mixtape)
8.Vacation (Acoustic Mixtape)
9.Vandalizer (Acoustic Mixtape)
10.Goodbye (Acoustic Mixtape)
11.House Party (Acoustic Mixtape)
12.Cop Car (Acoustic Mixtape)
13.Break Up In A Small Town - Acoustic Mixtape
14.Take Your Time - Live From The Street Party Presented By Bose
15.House Party - Live From The Street Party Presented By Bose
16.We Are Tonight - Live From Spotify NYC
17.Come Over - Live From Spotify NYC
18.Take Your Time (OOVEE Remix)
19.Melo Diana
20.My Summertime
21.Body Like a Back Road (15 In A 30 Tour Live)

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