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Nikki Sudden【 共收藏 11 张专辑, 99 首歌 】
Adrian Nicholas Godfrey(1956年7月19日 - 2006年3月26日),被称为Nikki Sudden,是一位多产的英国创作歌手兼吉他手。 他和他的兄弟Epic Soundtracks一起创办了后朋克乐队Swell Maps,并在Solihull的Solihull School学习。
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Fred Beethoven 英文
1.Johnny B. Goode (提供)
2.Summer Burn Out (提供)
3.So Much To Learn (提供)
4.Don't Look Back (提供)
5.Pin A Rose On Me (提供)
6.Debris (提供)
7.Forest Fire
8.Summer Burn Down (提供)
9.Stereo Baby (提供)
10.It's Gonna Be Alright (提供)
11.Looking At You (提供)
12.Blenkinsop's Soup Kitchen (提供)
13.Black Satin Suit (提供)
14.Johnny B. Goode Version #2 With Terry Miles (提供)
Dark Rags at Dawn 英文
1.Back to the Coast
2.All the Gold
3.Gold Painted Nails (提供)
4.English Girls
6.Chelsea Embankment
7.Bethlehem Castle (Suicide Scarves) (提供)
8.The Road of Broken Dreams
9.Six Hip Princes (All Around the World) (提供)
10.Johnny Smiled Slowly
11.New York
12.Knife My Heart (提供)
13.Still Full of Shocks
14.Iu2019d Much Rather Be with the Boys (提供)
15.Stuck on China
16.Channel Streamer (提供)
17.Curfew Island (The Low Bridge) (提供)
18.Fashion Cult
19.Forest Fire
20.Out of Egypt
Waiting on Egypt 英文
1.Knife in My Heart
2.Still Full of Shocks
3.Stuck on China
4.Ringing on My Train
5.Fashion Cult
6.Forest Fire
7.Johnny Smiled Slowly
8.All the Gold
Waiting on Egypt / The Bible Belt 英文
1.Chelsea Embankment
2.The Angels Are Calling
3.Missionary Boy
4.The Only Boy in Heaven
5.Back to the Start
6.Waiting for the Siege
7.Looking Out
8.Opium Pits
Treasure Island 英文
1.Looking For a Friend
2.Treasure Island
3.Never Let Me Go
4.When the Lord
6.Fall Any Further
7.High and Lonesome
8.House of Cards
9.Russian River
10.Wooden Floor
11.Kitchen Blues
12.Stay Bruised
13.Break Up
14.Highway Girl
The Nikki Sudden Compendium 英文
1.Channel Steamer
2.New York
3.English Girls
4.Death Is Hanging Over Me
5.Before I Leave You
6.How Many Lies
7.Kiss at Dawn
The Boy from Nowhere Who Fell out of the Sky, Vol. 4 英文
1.Out of Egypt (Live 4th June 1983 Black Lion Northampton)
2.Cathy (Live)
3.The Only Boy in Heaven (Live 4th June 1983 Black Lion Northampton)
The Bible Belt 英文
2.The Road of Broken Dreams
3.Six Hip Princes
4.Out of Egypt
Red Brocade 英文
2.Broken Door
4.Stained Sheets
5.Tie You Up
6.Silver Blanket
9.Take Me Back Home
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc 英文
1.Wedding Hotel
2.Rebel Grave
3.Sob Story
4.A Quick Thing
5.Feather Beds
7.Better Blood
暂存 英文
1.Jangle Town
2.The Last Bandit
3.Golden Dawn
4.Miss You So
5.Broken Tooth

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