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Rwby, Vol. 4 (Original Soundtrack & Score) 英文
1.This Life Is Mine
2.Let's Just Live
5.Sacrifice (Harry Lodes Remix)
6.I May Fall (Harry Lodes Remix)
7.Armed and Ready
Rwby Sountrack 英文
1.This Will Be the Day
2.I Burn (Yellow Trailer)
4.I May Fall
5.From Shadows
7.I Burn Remix
RWBY, Vol. 1 Soundtrack 英文
1.I Burn (Remix)
2.Red Like Roses (Red Trailer)
3.Mirror Mirror (White Trailer)
4.From Shadows (Black Trailer)
5.This Will Be the Day
6.I May Fall
Rwby, Vol. 3 (Original Soundtrack & Score) 英文
1.When It Falls (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
2.Neon (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
3.Mirror Mirror Part II (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
4.Divide (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
5.Cold (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
6.Time to Say Goodbye (Acoustic) [feat. Casey Lee Williams]
7.It's My Turn (James Landino Remix) [feat. Casey Lee Williams]
Rwby Volume 1 Soundtrack 英文
1.I May Fall (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
2.I Burn Remix (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
3.Gold (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
4.I Burn (Yellow Trailer) [feat. Casey Lee Williams]
5.From Shadows (Black Trailer) [feat. Casey Lee Williams]
6.Mirror Mirror (White Trailer) [feat. Casey Lee Williams]
7.Red Like Roses (Red Trailer) [feat. Casey Lee Williams]
8.This Will Be the Day (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
9.Wings (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
Rwby, Vol. 2 (Original Soundtrack & Score) 英文
1.Time to Say Goodbye
2.Time to Say Goodbye (James Landino's Beach Bae Remix)
3.This Will Be the Day (Acoustic)
6.All Our Days
7.Dream Come True
RWBY: Volume 2 Soundtrack 英文
1.'Caffeine' (feat. Lamar Hall)
2.Time to Say Goodbye
3.Dream Come True
RWBY Volume 2 英文
暂存 英文
3.I'm the One
4.It's My Turn
6.Time to Say Goodbye (Acoustic)
7.It's My Turn (James Landino Remix)
8.Mirror Mirror (From Rooster Teeth's Rwby White Trailer)
9.This Will Be the Day (Rooster Teeth's Rwby)
10.Red Like Roses - Part II (feat. Casey Lee Williams & Sandy Casey)
11.Red Like Roses - Part II
12.Red Like Roses, Pt. II

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