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Clinton Fearon【 共收藏 8 张专辑, 74 首歌 】
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Goodness 英文
1.Blame Game
2.The Hunter (提供)
3.Goodness (提供)
4.Poor Nana (提供)
5.Come By Yah (提供)
6.Another Party
7.Wi No Know It (提供)
8.Jamdown Boogie (提供)
9.Long Run Short Catch (提供)
11.Talk With A Friend (提供)
12.Galang (提供)
13.Shadow (提供)
What a System 英文
1.What a System
2.Rock Your Bones
3.Raised in the Jungle
4.Bucky Massa
5.One Destiny
6.Another Day
7.Sing Your Song
8.Never Get Burn
Soon Come 英文
1.Rocky Road
2.Just A Dream
3.We Shall Overcome
4.Who Cares
5.Chatty Chatty Mouth
6.Let It Grow
7.Love Light (提供)
8.Nah Forget Mi Roots
9.New Old Song
10.Brother Music
11.Joyful Noise
Mystic Whisper 英文
1.Love Got Me
2.A Little A This
3.Hot Fire
4.Love Got Mi
5.Wake Up
6.Uncle Freddy
7.One Way Or Another
8.A Little Lovin'
9.Crazy Like Me
Mi an' Mi Guitar 英文
1.Bless Your Heart
2.One More River
3.Don't Turn Your Back
5.Stop the Hate
6.Richman Poorman
7.Streets of Freedom
Give & Take (feat. Boogie Brown Band) 英文
2.Feel The Spirit
3.Whose Game Is It
4.Parable Sound
5.Wages Of Love
6.See Dem Deh
7.Movin' Up
8.Blood For Blood
9.Give & Take
10.Rise Up
Disturb the Devil 英文
1.Pilot Johnson
2.Mr. Want All
3.Take Off the Mask
4.No Bad Vibe
5.Who Stole the Cookie
6.On the Other Side
7.I'll Be Around
暂存 英文
1.Livin' Is an Art
2.Sleepin' Lion
3.Feeling Blue
4.Rock and a Hard Place
5.Let Jah Be Praised
6.Follow the Rainbow
7.Backyard Meditation
9.Wi a One

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