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Boosie BadAzz( リル・ブージー )【 共收藏 14 张专辑, 186 首歌 】
Torrence Hatch(1982年11月14日出生),专业地被称为Boosie Badazz(以前称为Lil Boosie),是路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日的一名美国说唱歌手。 Hatch被他的家人暱称为Boosie,他在南部巴吞鲁日被提拔。 作为Boosie,他发布了许多常规的录音室专辑,同时也为许多混音和编辑做出了贡献。

Hatch于2009年至2014年在路易斯安那州立监狱服刑,在被控犯有毒品罪后被判处八年徒刑。 他于2014年3月5日初发布。2014年10月20日,Lil'Boosie正式更名为“Boosie Badazz”。
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Penitentiary Chances 英文
1.The Beginning (提供)
2.Under Pressure (提供)
3.In the Pen (提供)
4.Dear Supreme Court (提供)
5.4,3,2,1 (提供)
6.Dear Cee, Dear Boosie (提供)
7.Strapped Up (提供)
8.Black Babies Don't Mourn (提供)
9.Dont Rush 2 Grow Up (提供)
10.A Political Prisoner Speaks (提供)
11.God I'm Sorry (提供)
12.Blame My Mother (提供)
13.When We Came To the Can (提供)
14.2 Legit f. Calliope Bub (提供)
15.Remember Me (提供)
16.This Ain't Living (提供)
17.Miller Time (提供)
18.It's Hard 2 Be Black (提供)
19.For My Homies That's Dead (提供)
20.The End (提供)
Out My Feelings (In My Past) 英文
2.Takem Back
3.Real Nigga
4.Choppaz n' Gunz
5.Look at Life Different
7.Got It on Me (提供)
8.The Truth
9.Big Blue Hundreds
11.Wanna B Heard
12.World War 6
13.Bg Shit (提供)
14.Uncle Tone (提供)
15.Park It Lik Bih (提供)
16.All That Mixed n' One
17.New School Old School
18.Who Finished (提供)
In My Feelings. (Goin' Thru It) 英文
1.The Rain
3.Stressing Me
4.Warning Signs
5.Bad Guy
6.Call of Duty
7.Smile to Keep from Crying
8.Forgive Me Being Lost
9.Roller Coaster Ride
10.I Know They Gone Miss Me
Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas 英文
1.King of da Streets (提供)
2.My Lil Son (提供)
3.30 Deep (提供)
4.U Know Ain't Scared (提供)
5.Bad Bitch Story (提供)
6.PWA (提供)
7.Mudd (提供)
8.Cryin' (提供)
9.No Drake On
10.Vlad TV (提供)
11.Hurricane (提供)
12.Big Shot (提供)
13.Get Straight to It (提供)
14.No Loyalty
15.Macho (提供)
16.What Iz It (提供)
17.Angels All Over Me (提供)
18.People Talk but Don't Know (提供)
19.Harlem (提供)
Bleek Mode (Thug In Peace Lil Bleek) 英文
1.Kill the Beef
2.Army (提供)
3.Beautiful Smiles (提供)
4.Hard But Sweet (提供)
5.One Up (提供)
6.What U Wanna Do (提供)
7.Destined to Blow (提供)
8.Don't Wanna Die B (提供)
9.Bag After Bag (提供)
10.Bout What I'm Tal (提供)
11.Shout out to Your (提供)
12.Long Road (提供)
13.I Will Not Run (提供)
14.Blue Money (提供)
15.Freedom (提供)
16.Dis Morning (提供)
17.Not My Ngga (提供)
18.Family Rules (提供)
Touch Down 2 Cause Hell 英文
1.Intro - Get Em Boosie
2.Window of My Eyes
3.Mercy On My Soul
4.Like A Man (feat. Rich Homie Quan)
5.On Deck (feat. Young Thug)
7.No Juice
8.On That Level (feat. Webbie)
9.Hip Hop Hooray (feat. Webbie)
10.Mr. Miyagi
11.Black Heaven (feat. Keyshia Cole & J. Cole)
12.She Don't Love Me (feat. Chris Brown)
13.All I Know (feat. PJ)
14.Drop Top Music (feat. Rick Ross)
15.Spoil You (feat. T.I.)
16.How She Got Her Name
17.Kicking Clouds
18.Hands Up
19.I'm Sorry
Thrilla, Vol. 1 英文
1.Empire 2
2.Ain't No 1 On 1
3.Bring It Like I Talk It
4.Have You Ever (提供)
5.I'm Not That Nigga
6.Letter 2 Pac
7.Lil Shooter (提供)
8.I Come From a Place
9.West Coast
10.Round My City
11.Mobbin' (提供)
12.Never Left You Alone
13.Another One (提供)
14.Thrilla (提供)
15.I Told You So (提供)
SuperBad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz 英文
2.Loose As A Goose [feat. Foxx & Mouse]
3.Mind Of A Maniac
Bad Azz 英文
1.Set It Off
2.I Remember
3.'My Nigga'
4.Distant Lover
Thug Talk 英文
1.Thug Talk
3.Street Wars
4.What You Know About Me
5.No Surrender No Retreat
6.Right Game Wrong Nigga
7.Found Love N U
Survival Of The Fittest 英文
1.Wipe Me Down - feat. Foxx Explicit
2.Watch My Shoes - feat. 3 Deep Explicit
3.Wipe Me Down [Remix] - feat. Foxx, Webbie and Lil Boosie Explicit
4.Thug Me Like That - feat. Lil Boosie Amended
5.Say Round - feat. Lil Boosie, Big Head, Webbie and Foxx Explicit
Life After Deathrow 英文
1.Grade A
2.The Fall
3.Here We Go Again
4.Boosie Love
5.I'm Wit Ya
6.Tori Speaks
7.Life That I Dreamed Of
9.No Juice
10.I Feel Ya
11.Streets On Fire
12.I'm Comin' Home
13.Murder Was the Case (Intro)
14.O Lord
BooPac 英文
1.Webbie I Remember
2.Heartless Hearts
3.You Don't Know Me Like That
4.Motherless Child
5.Wrong Role Model
6.Trust Nobody
7.Real Friends
8.I Testify
9.Get Me Outta Here
11.My Pains Run Deep
12.Different Cloth
13.Cocaine Fever
14.I Hope You Make It
15.Me, Myself & I
16.Real Shooter
18.Me & Mama
19.I'm That Nigga Now
20.Get Ya Mind Right
暂存 英文
1.Single Mother
2.Fire Featuring Lil Boosie
3.What I Learned From The Streets - feat. Shell [Explicit Album Version]
4.Calling Me
5.They Say That I'm Crazy
6.Pussy Ass Niggaz
7.Big Dog
8.Heart of a Lion
10.Regret It
11.I Represent (feat. Webbie)
13.On That Level
14.Fuck the Police

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