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Wild Light 英文
1.Heat Death Infinity Splitter (提供)
2.Prisms (提供)
3.The Undertow (提供)
4.Blackspots (提供)
5.Sleepwalk City (提供)
6.Taipei (提供)
7.Unmake the Wild Light (提供)
8.Safe Passage (提供)
9.Destructivist (提供)
The Coach Road Session 英文
1.Dance Dance Dance Piano Figh (提供)
Silent Running 英文
1.Save The Forest (提供)
2.Rantaloupe (提供)
3.Shovel Fight (提供)
4.Cosmic Wind (提供)
5.Valley Forge Theme (提供)
6.Finale (提供)
7.Space Theme (提供)
8.Overture (提供)
9.The Announcement (提供)
10.Safe Distancing (提供)
11.The Scattered Disk (提供)
12.Burial Scene (提供)
13.Broken Ship Ruse (提供)
14.Surgery (提供)
15.Space Montage (提供)
We Were Exploding Anyway 英文
1.Come To Me
2.Tiger Girl (提供)
3.Crash Tactics (提供)
4.Dance Dance Dance (提供)
5.Piano Fights (提供)
6.Weak4 (提供)
7.Go Complex (提供)
8.Debutante (提供)
9.Mountainhead (提供)
Heavy Sky (EP) 英文
1.Tiger Girl (Wishful Thinking Edit) (提供)
2.Sawtooth Rising (提供)
3.The Wrong Shape (提供)
4.Pacify (提供)
5.PX3 (提供)
6.Beats Like A Helix (提供)
7.Guitar Cascades (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Climbing On Roofs (提供)
2.4 Connection (So Close) (提供)
3.65 Doesn't Understand You (提供)
4.Another Code Against The Gone (提供)
5.AOD (提供)
6.Aren't We Running? (提供)
7.Assault On Precint 65 (提供)
8.Betraying Chino (提供)
9.Born Apart (提供)
10.Crystal Splinters City Skies (提供)
11.Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here (提供)
12.Feels Like Ecstasy (提供)
13.Fix The Sky A Little (Digitonal Remix, Vocals By Feedle) (提供)
14.Fucking With Pillheads (提供)
15.I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood (提供)
16.Massive Star At The End Of Its Burning Cycle (提供)
17.Mean Low Water (提供)
18.Natasha Beats The Devil (提供)
19.Play Nice Kids (提供)
20.Radio Protector (提供)
21.Retreat! Retreat! (提供)
22.Retreat! Retreat! (Mothboy Remix) (提供)
23.The Big Afraid (提供)
24.The Fall Of Math (提供)
25.The Fall Of Math (65dos Remix) (提供)
26.The Last Home Recording (提供)
27.This Cat Is A Landmine (提供)
28.Welcome To The Times (提供)
29.Wrong Side Of The Tracks (提供)
30.23kid (提供)
31.Hole (提供)
32.The Conspiracy Of Seeds
33.Dance Parties [Distant]
34.Twentyfour Twelve
35.Face of the Earth (Clinging on To)

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