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Bonfire(originally Cacumen)是德国的重金属乐队,由Hans Ziller于1972年在德国因戈尔施塔特创立。 1986年,根据唱片公司和管理层的建议,乐队改名为Bonfire。原创的创始人汉斯·齐勒仍然在乐队中,是唯一拥有篝火名称的人。


Alexx Stahl - lead vocals (2016-present)
Hans Ziller - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, talkbox, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, sitar, slide guitar (1972–1989, 1992–present)
Frank Pané - Guitars, backing vocals (2015–present)
Ronnie Parkes - bass, backing vocals (2015–present)
Tim Breideband - drums (2015–present)

of Bonfire/Cacumen/Charade

Hans Zehetbauer - lead vocals (1972-1978)
Alfons Schlamp - drums (1972-1978)
Karl Ziller - guitars (1972–1980)
Hanns Schmidt-Theißen - keyboards (circa 1977-1980)
Hans Hauptmann - bass (1972-1982)
Hans Forstner - drums (1972-1986)
Horst Maier-Thorn - lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backing vocals (circa 1972-1988, deceased 2017)
Claus Lessmann - lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, rhythm guitars (1978–1992, 1992–2015)
Robert Prskalowicz - bass (1982–1986)
Dominik Hülshorst - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1986–1987; 1995 with Ex; 2009–2012)
Joerg Deisinger - bass, backing vocals, mouth drums (1986–1994, 1995 with Ex)
Edgar Patrik - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1987–1994)
Angel Schleifer - lead guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals (1988–1994; 1997-2011 as Charade)
Chris Lausmann - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1992–2002)
Michael Bormann - lead vocals, acoustic guitar (1993–1994; 1997-2011 as Charade; 2016)
Jürgen 'Bam Bam' Wiehler - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1997–2009)
Uwe Köhler - bass, backing vocals (1997–2015)
Chris Limburg - guitars (2006–2015)
Harry Reischmann - drums (2012–2015)
Paul Morris- keyboardist, (2013-2015)
David Reece - lead vocals (2013-2016)
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Glörious 英文
1.21 Guns Salute (Goes Boom) (提供)
2.Nothin' at All (提供)
3.Can't Break Away (提供)
4.Remember (提供)
5.Fallin' Outta Love (提供)
6.Glorious (提供)
7.Supernatural Disguise (提供)
8.Shooting Star (提供)
9.Lies (提供)
10.Put out the Flames (提供)
11.Free Wind Desperado (提供)
12.Sweet Obsession
13.American Nights
14.With a Little Help from My Friends (提供)
You Make Me Feel 英文
1.You Make Me Feel
2.Give It A Try
3.Who's Foolin' Who
4.I'd Love You To Want Me
6.I Don't Want You
7.Blink Of An Eye
8.Feels Like Comin' Home
9.Why Is It Never Enough
10.Right Now
11.Southern Winds
12.Rivers Of Glory
13.You Are All
14.The First Cut Is The Deepest
15.If It Wasn't For You
16.Rock 'N' Roll Cowboy
17.I Need You
18.Proud Of My Country
19.Before We Say Goodbye
20.Goodnight Amanda
21.Hearts Bleed Their Own Blood
22.Charlie & Louise (提供)
23.Song For Asia
24.Komm Her
25.Verdammt Was Will Ich
26.Domo Arigato (提供)
The Rauber 英文
1.The Rauber (提供)
2.Bells Of Freedom
3.Refugee Of Fate
4.The Oath (提供)
5.Blut Und Tod
6.Love Don't Lie
7.Black Night
8.Hip Hip Hurray
9.Do You Still Love Me
10.Let Me Be Your Water
11.Lass Die Toten Schlafen
12.The Good Die Young
13.Time (提供)
14.Father's Return (提供)
Double X 英文
1.Day 911
2.Blink of an Eye
3.So What?
4.Wings to Fly
5.Hard to Say
6.Notion of Love
7.Rap Is Crap!
8.What's on Your Mind?
9.Bet Your Bottom Dollar
10.Cry for Help
11.But We Still Rock
Strike Ten 英文
1.Diamonds In The Rough
2.Good Time Rock 'N' Roll
3.Under Blue Skies
4.Until The Last Goodbye
Fuel To The Flames 英文
1.Break Down The Walls
2.Can't Stop Rocking
3.Don't Go Changing Me
Rebel Soul 英文
1.Wake Up
2.Wild Dixie
3.You'll Be Alright
4.Good or Bad
6.Rock Me 'til I Die
7.Lay Your Heart on the Line
8.Somebody's Waiting
9.Just to Say We Did
10.The First Cut Is the Deepest
Fireworks 英文
1.Champion2.Rock Me Now
Don't Touch The Light 英文
1.Staring Eyes
Point Blank 英文
1.Bang Down the Door
2.Who's Foolin' Who
3.Know Right Now
4.20th Century Youth Patrol
5.Never Surrender
6.Say Goodbye
7.Gimme Some
8.Freedom Is My Belief
9.The Price of Loving You
10.Look of Love
11.You're Back
12.Tony's Roulette
13.Hard on Me
14.Waste No Time
15.Why Is It Never Enough
One Acoustic Night 英文
1.Ready for Reaction
2.Song for Asia (Rock'n'Roll Cowboy 2005)
4.Sweet Home Alabama
5.Sweet Obsession
Live in Wacken 英文
1.Wake Up (Live in Wacken)
2.Let Me Be Your Water (Live in Wacken)
3.Bells of Freedom (Live in Wacken)
4.Champion (Live in Wacken)
5.Ready 4 Reaction (Live in Wacken)
6.American Nights (Live in Wacken)
7.Sword and Stone (Live in Wacken)
8.The Stroke (Live in Wacken) (提供)
9.Sweet Obsession (Live in Wacken)
10.Never Mind (Live in Wacken)
11.Black Night (Live in Wacken)
Knock Out 英文
1.Streets of Freedom
2.Dirty Love
3.Home Babe
4.Shake Down
5.Hold You
6.Down and Out
7.All We Got
Hot & Slow - The Best of the Ballads 英文
2.Take My Heart and Run
3.Why Is It Never Enought
4.Fight for Love
5.Feels Like Comin' Home
6.Sweet Obsession
Free 英文
1.On and On...
2.I Would do Anything 4 U
3.What About Love?
5.Preachers & Whores
6.Love CCA
7.Give a Little
Feels Like Comin' Home 英文
1.Back to You
4.Highway to Your Dreams
5.Whenever You Cry
6.Can't Wait
7.Feels Like Comin' Home (piano version)
8.I'd Love You to Want Me
Double X Vision (A Live Celebration of 20 Years of Rock 'n' Roll) 英文
1.Day 911 (Live)
2.But We Still Rock (Live)
3.Bang Down the Door (Live)
4.Sweet Obsession (Live)
5.Hard on Me (Live)
6.American Nights (Live)
7.Give It a Try (Live)
8.Hot to Rock (Live)
9.Under Blue Skies (Live)
10.Tony's Roulette (Live)
Cry4Help 英文
1.Just Follow the Rainbow (Live at the Masters of RockCZ)
2.You Make Me Feel (Live at the Masters of RockCZ)
3.I Need You (Private Version)
Branded 英文
1.Deadly Contradiction
2.Just Follow The Rainbow (提供)
3.Save Me
4.Let It Grow
5.Better Days
6.Do Or Die
7.Close To The Edge
9.Loser's Lane
10.Hold Me Now
11.I Need You (Private Version 2011)
12.Rivers Of Glory (Private Version 2011)
暂存 英文
1.Heat In The Glow
2.Ready 4 Reaction
3.Sleeping All Alone
4.Don't Get Me Wrong
5.Cold Days
6.Daytona Nights
8.Never Mind
9.Locomotive Breath
10.You Make Me Feel (Live at Masters of Rock 2011)
11.Fantasy (Live)
12.Rock Me Now (Live)
13.The Stroke (Live)
14.Praying 4 A Miracle
15.Because It's Christmas Time

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