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While You Were Asleep 英文
1.I Seek A Stronger Word
2.Give It Back
3.When You Say Goodbye
4.Queen Of The Dancefloor (提供)
5.I Just Wanna Dance The All Night Through
6.Keep Smiling At The Kids
7.IRL (提供)
8.She's A Keeper (提供)
9.Turn Back Home
10.Heimlich's Maneuver
12.Leave This City (提供)
13.I Don't Fit In
The World According To Pablo 英文
1.A Man From Argentina
2.Come On Baby
4.Go To Hell
5.Goodnight Sweetheart
6.I Let Someone Else In
7.Im Pablo
9.One More Full Length Record
10.Still Be Friends
11.Vamos A Besarnos
From Burning Hell To Smile And Laughter 英文
2.Anywhere But There
3.Golden Frame
4.How Things Turned Out To Be
5.I'm Alive
6.I've Been Used Again
7.Oh Baby Yeah Honey
8.Secret Love
9.Wake Up My Love
10.We Won't Get Any Younger
11.When Love Is Not Enough
12.You Taught Me
13.You'd Better Watch Out
Where The Ocean Meets My Hand 英文
1.My Love
3.Damaging This Apartment
4.Beutiful Night In Oslo
5.Take Me To The Boats
6.There's Hope For Anyone
7.Overdosing With You
8.So You Want Me To Bleed
9.I Saw You On TV
10.I've Been Having Some Strange Dreams
11.I'm On The Road
12.Absolutely, Salutely
13.Stick To You
I Was So Unpopular In School And Now They're Giving Me This Beautiful Bicycle 英文
2.Good And Bad
3.Nobel Square
4.Ask For More
5.Do You Remember
6.Stay Awake
9.No One Knows You
11.Want To Cannot Help But Dance
I Used To Wander These Streets 英文
2.Hold My Hand
3.I Belong To You
4.I Miss You
5.Liar And A Thief
6.Lily From The Middleway Street
7.Relay Race
8.Someday Somehow
9.Stuttering Duckling
10.Swedish Sin
11.You're Not Giving Up On Me
暂存 英文
1.Join This Choir
2.You'd Better Watch Out, 'Cause I Like You
3.Friday I'm In Love
4.Damaging This Apartment (Performed By Jennifer Larsson)
5.Would It Be Alright?
6.I'm a Cuckoo
7.Want to Cannot Help

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