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Chase Rice( 蔡斯·赖斯 )【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 67 首歌 】
蔡斯·赖斯(Chase Rice,1985年9月19日出生)是美国乡村音乐的歌手,词曲作者和现实电视人物。 他共同编写了由佛罗里达格鲁吉亚线执行的单曲“Cruise”。 他于2013年10月15日发行了EP Ready Ready Roll专辑“Ready Set Roll”。2014年8月19日发行了专辑Ignite the Night,其中包括“Ready Set Roll”。 2014年8月27日,Ignite The Night在Billboard Top Country专辑排行榜上首次亮相。

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Ignite the Night 英文
1.Ready Set Roll
2.Do It Like This
3.Beach Town
4.MMM Girl
5.Beer with the Boys
6.Carolina Can
7.We Goin' Out
8.Gonna Wanna Tonight
9.Look at My Truck
10.U Turn
11.50 Shades of Crazy
12.What's Your Name
13.How She Rolls
14.Jack Daniels and Jesus
Ready Set Roll (EP) 英文
1.How She Rolls
2.Ready Set Roll
3.Party Up
4.Country in Ya
5.Look at My Truck
6.Best Beers of Our Lives
Dirt Road Communion 英文
1.Dirt Road Communion
2.How She Rolls
3.The Little Things
4.Pbj's & Pbr's
6.Room 205
7.Pop a Top Off (Good Time On)
8.Shades of Green
9.You Ain't Livin' Yet
10.Country Boy's Kryptonite
11.Every Song I Sing
12.Only a Country Girl
13.I Like Drinking, Cause It's Fun
14.Shakin' the Wheels
15.Jack Daniel's & Jesus
16.Happy Hour (Worktape)
Country As Me 英文
1.Heathens In The Evenin' (提供)
2.Buzz Back
3.My Old Man
4.Die Tryin' (提供)
5.Country As Me
6.Beats A Million Bucks
Friday Nights & Sunday Mornings 英文
1.Blame It On The Beer
2.Country 'Til I'm Dead
3.The World Is Yours (提供)
4.She Ain't Coming Back (提供)
5.Beach Beauty Queen (提供)
6.Friday Nights & Sunday Mornings
7.Job Well Done (提供)
8.Good College Times (提供)
9.Southern Country Life (提供)
10.Georgia Girl (提供)
11.Carolina Shores (提供)
12.Larger Than Life
13.Maybe She's In Texas
Buzz Back (Single) 英文
1.Buzz Back (Single)
暂存 英文
1.Everybody We Know Does
2.Party Up (feat. Colt Ford)
3.Ride (feat. Macy Maloy)
4.The Pole Song
6.Gonna Wanna Tonight - Spotify Commentary
7.If I'm Bein' Honest
8.Three Chords & The Truth
9.Eyes On You

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