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Le Emporium De Jazz Jazzstrumentals 英文
1.Don't Hold Your Breath (提供)
2.Clock-Watchers (提供)
3.About You (提供)
4.Rhymin' 76 (提供)
5.No Comprendo (提供)
6.I Am Quattro
7.It's Beautiful (提供)
9.The Sweetest Thing
10.Jazzphonics (提供)
11.I Can't Help You
12.Back Around the Old School
13.But That's Not Me
14.Land of the Kings
Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2 英文
1.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Edited Single (提供)
2.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Edited Single) (提供)
3.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (提供)
4.The Authentic Quarter (Intro)
7.Slick But No Cigar
8.The Jazz Quarter (Intro) (提供)
9.Levitate (Like Magic)
10.Gave Me My Freedom
11.The Anomaly
12.The Soul Quarter (Intro) (提供)
13.I Am Here
14.Parental Advisory
15.You by the Power of You
16.The New Age Quarter (Intro) (提供)
17.Zero Savoir Faire
18.Hello Beauty
19.Last Page
20.The 4th Quarter 2 (Outro) (提供)
Jazzmatic 2 [Nas Remixes] 英文
1.2nd Childhood (提供)
2.The World Is Yours (提供)
3.Nas Is Like (提供)
4.No Idea's Original (提供)
5.Revolutionary Warfare featuring Lake (提供)
6.The Cross (提供)
7.I Can (提供)
8.U Gotta Love It (提供)
9.Black Zombie (提供)
10.One Mic (提供)
Classic Was The Day The Black 英文
1.If I Had A Day To Live
2.It's About Time (提供)
3.Make Decisions (提供)
4.Circles (提供)
5.Eye Remember (提供)
6.Worldwide (提供)
7.Soul Silhouette
8.Classic Moves (提供)
9.Queen of Diamonds (提供)
10.Off Key (提供)
11.Pink Panther (提供)
12.Confidential Information
13.Underground Hip-Hop (提供)
15.On Ya Own (提供)
16.32 Bar Summery (提供)
17.I've Lost My Microphone (提供)
Jazzmatic [Nas Remixes] 英文
2.You Know My Style (提供)
3.Rewind feat. Lei-an (提供)
4.Life's a Bitch feat. AZ (提供)
5.Get Down (提供)
6.Made You Look (提供)
7.Intermission (提供)
8.Blaze a 50 feat. Lei-an (提供)
9.It Ain't Hard To Tell (提供)
10.One Love feat. Lei-an (提供)
11.Purple (提供)
12.Virgo feat. Ludacris, Doug E. Fresh & Lei-an (提供)
13.Outro (提供)
14.Speaking For Hip-Hop
15.Imagine (提供)
Blackcurrent Jazz 2 英文
1.Le Jazz Courant Noir
2.Ode to Nujabes
3.Mana the Girl from Kanagawa
暂存 英文
1.Tell Me Something
2.Watchin' the World
3.Don't Even Try It

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