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The Wild Swan 英文
1.Noam Chomsky Is a Soft Revolution
2.Fire It Up (The Silver Spear) (提供)
3.Ziggy Looked Me in the Eye
4.Unlike Any Other
5.Be Like You Belong
7.Bangor Town
10.Upbeat Feelgood
11.The Wild Swans on the Lake
Joy Of Nothing 英文
1.Closed Hand, Full of Friends
2.Joy Of Nothing
3.At Least My Heart Was Open
4.You And I
5.Feel For Me
7.Paper Prince
8.It Was Good
9.Regarding Your Lover
10.Guiding Light
Hope 英文
1.Be With Me
2.Shed A Little Light
3.Doesn't Take A Whole Day (提供)
5.I Was Made
6.Treading Water
7.Gabriel And The Vagabond
8.First Of July
10.Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness
11.Hope Peace And Love (提供)
12.If Only You Could See Yourself Like I See You
13.Dry Wells
14.Pull Me Through
15.Two Shades Of Hope (提供)
Watermelon Oranges 英文
2.Stoke My Fire (提供)
3.Don'tn Please Yourself (提供)
Melrose EP 英文
1.Be the Song
2.Into the Fire
3.Something in the Water
4.Midnight Starlet
Live At the Waterfront, Belfast 英文
1.Gabriel and the Vagabond (Live) (提供)
2.If Only You Could See Yourself Like I See You (Live)
3.Doesn't Take a Whole Day (Live)
4.Be With Me (Live)
Live At Bangor Abbey 英文
1.At Least My Heart Was Open (Live)
2.Guiding Light (Live)
3.Be My Daughter
4.Make It Rain
5.At Least My Heart Was Open
6.Regarding Your Lover
7.Paper Prince
8.Feel For Me
9.You and I
10.Closed Hand Full of Friends (Live)
11.Joy of Nothing
12.Closed Hand, Full of Friends
13.Shed a Little Light (Live)
14.You and I (Live)
15.Be the Song (Live)
16.Regarding Your Lover (Live)
17.Janey (Live)
18.Homebird (Live)
19.Two Shades of Hope (Live)
20.Feel For Me (Live)
Feel For Me 英文
1.Joy of Nothing (In session with Bob Harris) - Live
2.Dark Horse - Studio version
3.Guiding Light
4.Feel for Me (Radio Edit)
5.Dark Horse
Attic Jam 英文
暂存 英文
1.I'm Upbeat, I Feel Good
2.She Burns
3.Joy Of Nothing - The Single
4.Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Theme to 'Cheers') [Live]
5.Indiscriminate Act of Kindness (Live)
6.Billie Jean [live]
7.Bailie's Blood [live]
9.Coco (Live)

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