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Mountain 英文
1.Explorers (提供)
2.Something (提供)
3.Dark Lights In The Sky (提供)
4.ZOMBIe (提供)
5.Night Of Horror (提供)
6.X2V [ALBUM EDIT] (提供)
7.Speed U (提供)
8.Arrived (提供)
9.The Shadow Of The Light (提供)
10.Into The Mountain (提供)
11.Sinistra (提供)
12.Trauma (提供)
13.Now Party! (提供)
International Orange 英文
1.A Little Revolution
2.Glitter Days
3.Dead Man's Boots
4.Up From The Underground
5.The Monkey Song
6.Ex-Millionaire Mamba (提供)
7.Feeling No Pain
8.Strange Life
9.Nowhere To Be Found
10.Tropical Depression
11.The Bonney Anne
The Golden Hour 英文
2.This Is My Life
3.Some Kind Of Kindness
4.Six Forty Five
5.A Place Not So Unkind
7.Bhangra Bros (提供)
8.Electric City
9.Hey Clown
10.Already Gone
11.Feels Like The End Of The World
12.Weird To Be Back
13.Three Legged Dog
The Ponzi Scheme 英文
1.Isle Of Dogs
2.Whistling In The Dark
3.Ponzi's Theme (提供)
4.Green Light (In Stereo)
5.Dropping Like Flies
7.El Borracho (Ponzi's Relapse) (提供)
8.Another Perfect Catastrophe
9.So Long, Superman
10.I Still Love You, Judas
11.Knock 'Em Down
12.Drunkard's Lament
Get off the Cross, We Need the Wood for the Fire 英文
2.Bourbon And Division
3.Some Strange Reaction
5.When I Burn This Place Down
6.The Circus
7.I Am the Rain
8.The Drunken Jew (提供)
9.Mr. Cardiac
10.Snake-eyes and Boxcars
11.One of Those
12.Hold On, Slow John
The Man on the Burning Tightrope 英文
1.Anything At All
2.Before the Fall
3.The Song that Saved My Life
4.The Notorious & Legendary Dog & Pony Show
5.Don't Make it Stop
6.The Vegas Strip
8.The Truth Hurts
9.The Man on the Burning Tightrope
10.Dark Days Indeed
11.Too Many Angels
12.Too Much (Is Never Enough)
13.The Dog & Pony Show
Songs We Should Have Written 英文
1.This Little Light Of Mine
2.I Often Dream Of Trains
3.Is That All There Is?
4.Some Velvet Morning
5.Hey Bulldog
6.Folsom Prison Blues
7.Diamonds And Gold
8.This Town
9.The Beat Goes On
10.Paint it Black
Psychopharmacology 英文
1.Woke Up Down
2.Seventh Avenue Static
3.Black Box Recording
4.She's the Mistake
5.The Man With the Blurry Face
6.Bad, Bad World (feat. Jennifer Charles)
7.Car Crash Collaborator
8.7th Avenue Static
9.Get Out of My Head
10.Fell Off the Face of the Earth
12.Bad, Bad World
Live in Portland 英文
2.Bourbon and Division
3.Electric City (Live)
4.Woke Up Down (Live)
5.Dead Man's Boots (Live)
6.Dark Days Indeed (Live)
7.Paradise (Live)
8.This Is My Life (Live)
9.Bourbon & Division (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Paint It Black
2.Bourbon & Division
3.Ex-Millionaire Mambo

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