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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Gordon Mote( 戈登莫特 )
Gordon Mote( 戈登莫特 )【 共收藏 5 张专辑, 62 首歌 】
戈登·詹姆斯·莫特(Gordon James Mote)(1970年10月25日出生)是美国基督教国家歌手,钢琴家和崇拜领袖。他生来就是盲人。他发行了八张专辑。他的专辑不要让我失望(2007)是他在Billboard图表上的突破。



毕业后,李格林伍德问莫特加入他的乐队。从那时起,他曾与诸如Trisha Yearwood,Tanya Tucker,Porter Wagoner,Gaither Vocal乐队和Gaither Homecoming Tour等艺术家进行过巡视。 2001年,当阿兰·杰克逊(Alan Jackson)的“你在哪里(世界停止转身)”录音时需要钢琴演奏者时,莫泰被推荐。之后,他成为一位非常热门的演播室音乐家,在众多国家和福音艺术家的专辑中播放。

他的专辑“Do not Let Me Miss the Glory”,是他作为歌手的首演。 2007年10月23日,Spring Hill Records发行。这张专辑是他的突破,出现在“广告牌”杂志图表上,在“广告牌200”上排名第170,“基督教专辑”图表排名第10位。
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All Things New 英文
1.Faith Like That
2.For You (提供)
3.Ain't It Just Like the Lord (提供)
4.Meanwhile Back at the Cross
5.Do You Believe In Love (提供)
6.God of new beginnings (提供)
7.Down by the River (提供)
8.Broken Open (提供)
9.Main Event (提供)
10.On The Other Side (提供)
11.Sound A Dream Makes (提供)
12.All Things New
13.When I Rise (提供)
Songs I Grew Up Singing 英文
1.This Is the Time I Must Sing
2.Give Them All to Jesus
3.Who Am I
4.Shut De Door
5.God's Gonna Do the Same for You and Me
6.Rise Again
7.Oh Buddha
8.Through It All
9.Getting Ready to Leave This World
10.Call Me Gone
11.Everything Is Beautiful
I Will Sing 英文
1.I Will Do The Same
2.Your Love Will Keep Guiding Me
3.Wounded Hands
4.Mulberry Tree
5.Hold Me Up
6.When I Lift Up My Head
7.The Beautiful Body Of Christ
8.God's Got Somethin' For You
9.A Son Of My Own
10.Pray About Everything
11.Kiss The Rock Of Ages
12.Jesus King Of Angels
Christmas Piano - The Holly and the Ivory 英文
1.Angels We Have Heard On High
2.I Wonder As I Wander
3.A Nativity Prayer
4.God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman
暂存 英文
1.Wake Up Dancin'
3.My Redeemer Is Faithful And True
4.Get Up In Jesus Name
5.All That Noise
6.I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)
7.I Know Somebody Who Does
8.Don't Let Me Miss The Glory
9.This Life
10.Maplewood Methodist Church
11.Because He Lives (Amen) (Performance Track with Background Vocals)
12.Mercy Walked In
13.One Day At a Time
14.Heaven's Jubilee
15.Ain't Gonna Give Up On God
16.Love Is the Golden Rule (Live)
17.Somethin' To Shout About
18.Sound a Dream Makes (Demonstration)
19.The Main Event (Demonstration)
20.Amazing Grace
21.O, The Blood (Performance Track without Background Vocals)
22.For You (Performance Track with Background Vocals)

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