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Live At the Boarding House 英文
1.Silver Raven
2.Release Me Girl (提供)
3.Bound To Fall (提供)
4.It Doesn't Matter (提供)
5.Ballad of Easy Rider (提供)
6.Jolly Roger (提供)
7.Chestnut Mare (提供)
8.Crazy Ladies (提供)
9.Train Leaves Here This Morning
10.Mr. Tambourine Man (提供)
11.You Ain't Going Nowhere (提供)
12.Turn! Turn! Turn! (提供)
13.Knocking On Heavenu2019S Door (提供)
14.Bye Bye Baby (提供)
15.So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star (提供)
16.Eight Miles High (提供)
17.Feel a Whole Lot Better
Here Tonight: The White Light Demos 英文
1.White Light
2.The Virgin
3.Because Of You
4.Where My Love Lies Asleep
5.With Tomorrow
6.Here Tonight
7.For No One (提供)
8.Please Mr. Freud (提供)
9.Jimmy Christ (提供)
10.Opening Day
11.Winter In
White light 英文
1.For A Spanish Guitar
Silverado '75 Live And Unreleased 英文
1.The Daylight Line
2.Here Without You
3.Home Run King
4.In The Pines
5.Kansas City Southern
6.The Long Black Veil
7.No Other
8.Set You Free This Time
9.She Darked The Sun
10.Silver Raven
11.Spanish Guitar
12.Train Leaves Here This Morning
Gene Clark 英文
1.One in a Hundred
2.White Light
3.Tears of Rage
4.Stand by Me
5.Ship of the Lord
6.Where My Love Lies Asleep
8.Because of You
Flying High 英文
1.Through the Morning Through the Night
3.Kansas City Southern
4.Silver Raven
5.Full Circle Song
6.One in a Hundred
7.Something's Wrong
8.The Radio Song
9.Train Leaves Here This Morning
10.So You Say You Lost Your Baby
12.In a Misty Morning
13.Mr Tambourine Man
14.The True One
70s FM Radio: Gene Clark 英文
1.Kansas City Southern (Live)
2.Train Leaves Here This Morning (Live)
3.In the Pines (Live)
4.She Darked the Sun (Live)
5.Set You Free This Time (Live)
6.No Other (Live)
7.Here Without You (Live)
8.Home Run King (Live)
9.Spanish Guitar (Live)
10.Silver Raven (Live)
Gene Clark With the Gosdin Brothers 英文
2.So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Acoustic Demo)
3.The French Girl (Mono Version)
4.Only Colombe (Mono Version)
5.Elevator Operator (Alternate Version)
6.Tried So Hard (Alternate Version)
7.Needing Someone
8.Couldn't Believe Her
9.The Same One
10.Elevator Operator
11.So You Say You Lost Your Baby
12.I Found You
13.Keep On Pushin'
14.Is Yours Is Mine
15.Think I'm Gonna Feel Better
16.Is Yours Is Mine (Acoustic Demo)
暂存 英文
1.The Last Thing On My Mind
2.True One
4.Some Misunderstanding
5.Life's Greatest Fool
6.Strength Of Strings
7.For Me Again
8.Gypsy Rider
9.Rock Of Ages
10.Lady Of The North
11.She Don't Care About Time
12.Long Black Veil (提供)
13.Daylight Line (Live)
14.Gypsy Rider (Live)
15.From A Silver Phial
16.Del Gato (Live)
17.Only Colombe
18.The French Girl
19.Keep On Pushin' (Remix)
20.I Knew I'd Want You
21.Back In My Life Again
22.Freedom Walk
23.Shooting Star
24.Mississippi Detention Camp
25.Love Wins Again
26.Your Fire Burning
28.Day For Night
29.Dark Of My Moon
30.One In A Hundred
31.Pledge To You
32.Hear The Wind
33.Lonely Saturday
34.Sister Moon
35.Past Addresses
36.Silent Crusade
38.Past My Door
39.Dragon's Eye (live)
40.Rodeo Rider
41.Los Angeles

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