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Hal Ketchum【 共收藏 3 张专辑, 61 首歌 】
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Hits 英文
1.Sure Love
Father Time 英文
1.Invisible (提供)
2.Yesterday's Gone
3.Millionaire's Wife (提供)
4.Million Dollar Baby (提供)
5.Ordinary Day (提供)
6.Continental Farewell
7.Surrounded By Love (提供)
8.The Day He Called Your Name (提供)
9.The Preacher And Me (提供)
10.Let Me Go (提供)
11.Sparrow (提供)
12.Down Along The Guadalupe (提供)
13.Jersey Girl
14.Strangest Dreams (提供)
15.Strangest Dream (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Hearts Are Gonna Roll (1993)
2.Mama Knows The Highway (1993)
3.Past The Point Of Rescue (1992)
4.Small Town Saturday Night (1991)
5.Stay Forever (1995)
6.Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love Again (1994)
7.Don't Let Go
8.Loving You Makes Me A Better Man
9.Hearts Are Gonna Roll
10.The Unforgiven
11.You Can't Go Back
12.Don't Strike A Match
13.Just This Side Of Heaven
14.Mama Knows The Highway
15.Swing Low
16.I Saw The Light
17.Hang In There Superman
18.Some Place Far Away
19.Till The Coast Is Clear
20.Ghost Town
21.Softer Than A Whisper
22.You Lovin' Me
23.She Found The Place
24.Walk Away
25.Another Day Gone
26.Every Little Word
27.Small Town Saturday Night
28.Drive On
29.Old Soldiers
30.Dreams Of Martina
31.Stay Forever
32.I Know Where Love Lives
33.Long Day Comin'
34.Somebody's Love
35.I Miss My Mary
36.Someplace Far Away
37.Daddy's Oldsmobile
38.That's What I Get For Losin' You
39.The Carpenter's Way
40.If I Never Knew You
41.In Front of the Alamo
42.Travelin' Teardrop Blues
43.My Love Will Not Change
44.Five O'Clock World
45.On the Wings of a Dove

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