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Jubal Lee Young【 共收藏 4 张专辑, 47 首歌 】
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Take It Home 英文
1.Just to Satisfy You (提供)
2.Neon River (提供)
3.Angel With a Broken Heart (提供)
4.Riding Down the Highway (提供)
5.Renegade Picker (提供)
6.Don't You Dare Love Her (提供)
7.Stark Raving Mad (提供)
8.You Only Call Me When You're Drunk (提供)
9.You Make Me (提供)
10.Have You Met Me? (提供)
11.Good to You (提供)
12.Why Does It Always Rain? (提供)
13.There Ain't No Outlaws Anymore (提供)
The Last Free Place In America 英文
1.Justice or Death (提供)
2.Uh, Let's Go (提供)
3.Boom, Boom, Boom (提供)
4.The Last Free Place In America (提供)
5.Bloom, Lily, Bloom (提供)
6.Dead Miners (提供)
7.Whatever You Do
8.I Refuse (提供)
9.Piece of Wood and Steel (提供)
10.Falling for You
11.Animal Farm
12.One and One Is One (提供)
Jubal Lee Young 英文
1.I Don't Know What I Want
2.Greed Is the Creed
3.She Don't Like Clowns
4.Things You Only Wonder When It's Raining
5.More Than Anything
6.Deep South Blues (提供)
7.Greedy Old Men With Fountain Pens
8.As I Lay Dying
9.Peanut Butter & Daisy Cutters
10.Just Passing Through Your World
11.Streets of Caen
12.Thw Window Song (提供)
Not Another Beautiful Day 英文
1.Not Another Beautiful Day (提供)
2.A Thousand Ways to Say Goodbye (提供)
3.Cradled in Love (提供)
4.Jig (feat. Steve Young) (提供)
5.Can't Get You Out of My Heart (提供)
6.The Way I Am (feat. David Olney) (提供)
7.For Sara (提供)
8.Someday (提供)
9.Free (提供)
10.I Might Be Crazy (提供)

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